WIAW~Happy Halloween!!

Last year, for Halloween, I posted this photo of myself…

It’s blurry, but that’s me at about 2 years old…I think.  I also mentioned last year that I still had the costume.  It was handmade probably by my Mom or Gram or a combination of the two! I couldn’t find it last year, but…

It’s not the best photo in the world and it shows you all what a messy desk I have, but that’s my costume!!  I’m very excited that I found it and I’ve been waiting all year to show it to you.  It might have been nice if I’d bothered to prepare and take a better photo, but you get what you get around here!

But of course, it’s not just Halloween…It’s What I Ate Wednesday!! Don’t forget to stop over to see what’s happening at Peas & Crayons…Jenn always throws the best Wednesday parties!! I don’t have a lot of food to share with you, but hey, there was a hurricane and I was doing the best I could! 

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Breakfast was simple and one of my usuals…

Fat-free peach yogurt with Fiber One.  Always one of my favorites and it does the job.

In an effort to stay healthy, I made up this concoction that I found on Facebook.  Lemon and ginger in honey.  You let it sit overnight before using it.  It does require a bit of stirring…the lemon and ginger is sort of wet on top and you need to mix it into the honey before using.  I made a cup of tea and then added about a teaspoon of the honey along with a few pieces each of lemon and ginger.  It was very tasty.  In fact I had two cups of it during the storm! Love my Fall mug that my sister, Ele gave me last year!

I had made some hard-boiled eggs in preparation for the storm.  I mashed up one egg and mixed in a quarter cup of low-fat cottage cheese.

I had peeled all of the eggs and put them in individual containers.  So much easier to peel them when they’re freshly made and still warm…too hard after they get cold.  I used to do this to take eggs with me to work for lunch.  Boy, my quarter cup measure is getting a lot of face time in this post! 😉

On a toasted sandwich thin with lots of black pepper and jalapenos…Delicious!  I’ll be doing this again!

On Sunday, I had put together a crock pot batch of the Weight Watchers vegetable soup.  I combined onions, garlic, carrots, celery, cabbage, broth, spices(cumin, cayenne and a new Mrs. Dash I found-Tomato Basil Garlic) and a cup and a half of the red beans I made in the crock pot earlier in the week.

Topped with the last of my Locatelli cheese… 😦  Glad the storm has passed, I need more!  This was delicious.  I need to make it more often!

This sounds like it’s becoming a post about my crock pot, but that’s not my intention…this time! 😉  I had to have something sweet, so…

Some of my crock pot apples and pears topped with plain fat-free yogurt and some pumpkin pie spice.  This is one of my favorite sweet treats and on Weight Watchers, I only have to count the yogurt which is only 1 Point.  Very filling for 1 Point!

That’s What I Ate Wednesday for this week.  Hopefully, you all came through Hurricane Sandy unscathed.  Be sure to hop on over to Peas & Crayons to see what other scary food you can find and be sure to leave some treats (comments) for the fun bloggers over there!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Happy Halloween!!


38 responses to “WIAW~Happy Halloween!!

  1. Not sure if there is a limit on how many times you can say that you have the cutest baby sister in the world but here I go again! I have the cutest baby sister in the World!. Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby? Big brown eyes, sunny smile, such a cute outfit. Not nearly scarey enough fot Halloween! Perhaps the fact that you still have the costume after all these years is testimony to the fact that the reality show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” was based on the life of our Grandmom! Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks, Ms. Ele!! I think you were a pretty cute baby too! I’m sure there must be some more Halloween photos hiding in that big blue bin of yours! I’m amazed that I still have the costume and it makes me very happy!!

  2. That’s awesome that you still have your costume! Happy wiaw and halloween!

  3. happy hallowe’en, fran! thanks for showing us the costume – very fun that you located it!
    love that fall mug that ele gave you – very cute! i’d probably use it year round, it’s so nice!
    the hurricane effects were VERY diminished up here: yesterday it barely rained and the winds died way down. so sorry to hear of all the destruction in nj and on the east coast.

  4. Hope you survived the storm with no damage. Love the picture of you. Happy Halloween

  5. You meals look so good!!! That was a great idea to boil some eggs before the storm! We were lucky that we didn’t lose power

  6. Thanks for sharing that adorable picture! Oh. my. goodness. So cute!

    I love food that’s both tasty AND filling. It’s hard to find! Oatmeal is usually my go to:)

    • Hi Kelsey! I’m a real volume eater, which is why I do so much with huge salads and veggie stir fy combos. The veggies count as zero on Weight Watchers for me and they do the trick with filling up! Happy Halloween…glad you like the picture!!

  7. That’s so cool that you were able to find your old Halloween costume! I think I still have a few of mine. We’ll see if I can find them in a few years though!! Clothes tend to get lost in my house. Lol.

    That vegetable soup sounds nice and yummy. I love things where you can throw a whole bunch of ingredients together and it tastes great!

  8. Great day of eats!!
    You were sooooo cute when you were small (not that your not now)!!
    Love the costume. Home made is always the best.
    Glad to hear you are o.k after the storm.
    I have to admit I love Weight Watchers. I’m doing the simply filling and it is just what I need.

    • Suzi, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying WW. It has been a major part of my life for over 25 years. I credit it for me being as healthy as I am today. Glad you liked my baby photo, it’s always been one of my favorites! I was so excited when I found the costume!

  9. Sorry meant to say: Wishing you a happy Halloween!

  10. Happy Halloween! That veggie soup looks amazing!!

  11. SUCH a cute photo Fran. Thank you for sharing!!! Happy Halloween.

  12. So love the costume! I think it would look real cut in a box frame on the wall.

    I’ve been thinking that I need to make some vegetable soup. I think you gave me the final convincing I needed.

  13. That dress is precious!!!! I love homemade old baby clothes, or really just any old homemade clothes, you know I am a sucker for vintage. Happy Halloween Fran!!!

  14. Happy WIAW! I love your Halloween photo! How cute! I will have to try your honey, ginger and lemon mixture. Have a Happy Halloween! 🙂

  15. My mom used to make all my costumes growing up too… love it

  16. fitpossibleblog

    My mom used to make all my costumes too… love it

  17. caloricandcrazy

    I’ve never thought about putting fruits in crock pots! Clever!

    • It’s so delicious. I chop up a bunch of apples (in this case it was apples and pears beccause my friend had taken all of the leftover fruit on his trees and given them to me…Yay!) but usually just apples. I toss them with Splenda and cinammon/apple pie spice/pumpkin pie spice, whatever speaks to me that day and cook them in the crock pot. Great to use when you end up with “sawdust” apples, you know the ones that looked good in the store, but taste terrible! So easy, not expensive and for me on Weight Watchers, they count as zero!!

  18. So funny, I find the opposite to be true about hard boiled eggs: they are easier to peel when they’re cool.

    That soup sure does look good! It sounds a lot like what I had for dinner tonight too. 🙂

    Happy WIAW!

    • Hi Austin, glad you stopped by, please visit again! I think you could talk to 100 people and you’d get 100 versions of the “best” way to make hard boiled eggs! That’s so funny! The soup is so good and so easy especially in the crock pot!!

  19. Oh my goodness, you looked SO adorable! I love that you still have the costume 🙂

    What is Locateli cheese? I love cheese 😉

    • Glad you like the photo and costume! Locatelli is a brand of pecorino romano cheese which is sheep’s milk cheese. I think it’s from the New York area originally. It’s what my family has always used and it is so flavorful. I just love it!!

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