Waiting…and Wondering

Perhaps I should have saved my use of “maelstrom” until today.  I used it on Wednesday and was talking about the disorganization in my home and my life.  Now there is the hurricane called Sandy that’s supposed to be heading our way. I suppose I should be glad that I can now use this word with authority having actually looked it up!

This is what the storm is supposed to look like…

[Image of probabilities of tropical storm force winds]


To me it looks a little like an oyster…or a great big ear!  Yes…that’s little New Jersey right there in the middle, looks like we’re Sandy’s favorite.  She’s coming to visit.

I’m not trying to make fun of the storm.  They…the people who know much more about weather than I…are telling us it will be bad.  Frakenstorm they’re saying….Storm of the Century.  As I say, I’m not really trying to make light of it, but it’s a little difficult to take it seriously when EVERY storm, be it hurricane, or thunderstorm or snow storm seems to be touted as the Storm of the Century. 

Last storm, I dutifully filled my tub with water…only raised the water bill!  I stocked up on bread and milk, etc.  Had all of that left over. 

Perhaps it’s because the weather smarties need to feel needed.  There is an entire cable network devoted to weather…I guess they have to fill their time somehow. 

I haven’t done much in consideration of the impending onslaught.  I got gas in the car.  I needed to do that anyway.  I’m going to the produce market today, but again, only because I need to it regardless of the storm.  Actually, just Going to the produce market on the weekend is like taking your life in your hands, so I guess I’m being brave. 

We’ll be going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our grandson’s 18th birthday.  That’s much more fun to think about than any storm.  I don’t even know when Sandy’s supposed to come to town, so I’m not sure if I should be worried about going out.  Anyway, it’s the old “what does a vegetarian eat at a steak house” scenario, so I’ll be thinking about that! 😉

I don’t need one more thing to worry about, one more thing to tax my nerves.  My plan is to make soup, drink tea and read!  That’ll keep me busy.

As for the Weather Channel smarties…When it’s all over and I’ve survived the storm, I’ll get to ask them the question that one of their commercials used to ask a few years back…”Who Looks Ridiculous, Now?!”

Happy Sunday!  Stay out of the Maelstrom!


12 responses to “Waiting…and Wondering

  1. enjoy the 18th bday celebration, fran! my cousin turns into this thursday. great fun being around “young people” (said in quotes cuz you and i are still young, too!!) – have a wonderful time with family!
    the storm -> we are to get the effects up here, but you are to get it worse, i see. i feel so bad for the little trick or treaters! hallowe’en night looks to be nasty! my brother is a weather guru – any predicton earlier than 24 hours is not the most accurate so we shall see what happens! glad you’re prepared, anyway!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I do like to think of myself as still young, though I’m not sure everyone would agree with that! It’s only a number and if I think I’m young, I am! Being further inland, I didn’t think about the fact that you would see some effects of the storm, but I guess it will travel your direction. I do feel bad for the trick or treaters. I remember how I always waited for it. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Well, you can feel very safe because the Emergency Management Team of National Park has your back!. I have a phone list right here next to me of all my seniors (you know who you are!) Tomorrow morning I will be visiting my “at rish” seniors to be sure they are prepared or evacuating to their children’s homes (expect a visit from Miss Ele!) I have the pastor on speed dial in case we need shelter for anyone (I just rememberd last night that I am the Shelter Co-ordinator,too, Yikes!) The OEM team always prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. But just in case. I have my back pack packed, two pair of boots by the back door and extra socks. So, as Sir Winston used to say….Keep Calm and Carry on!

    Now, on a spiritual note, just sit and meditate on the storm, if you are a reiki, use it. Visualize the storm coming to the coast and use you mind to push it off shore. Crazy? Maybe, but it could help and in the process you can keep your mind busy!

  3. I think today is fine to go out. It’s tomorrow and tues that have the high wind warnings. I have to say, you must have been very lucky previously. We lost power during Irene (and got 3 ft of water in our finished basement b/c of it–took 6 months to redo) and also last October-8 days with no power in the freezing cold. There are so many huge trees here that it will be bad no matter what. During Irene, our whole downtown was under water and so many people had property damage. So our town is totally taking Sandy very seriously! I hope you get to just shrug it off, that would be awesome! One thing’s for sure, it’s not like we can control the weather. What happens, happens.

    • Sorry to hear about all of your damage, Stacie. You’re right about your area with all of the trees. I’m concerned, but not sure how to look at it. Can’t wait until I don’t have to worry about this type of thing anymore. Hope all goes well for you!!

  4. Your too, Fran. This whole thing is crazy! I hope you have a great time tonight and that you get through everything just fine!

  5. So scary Fran…I’m glad that you aren’t panicking and I do hope that the whole thing is way better than expected. Thinking of you and all the other East Coasters! Stay safe.

  6. I hope that it all turns out just fine for you – hopefully just a lot of wind and rain. It certainly looks like an impressive storm. I grew up in Florida so we were used to hurricane, whereas the northeast does not get them very much. Take care of yourself!

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