Unseen Accomplishments

Monday morning found us up and out fairly early for Ralph’s bi-annual (that’s twice a year, right?!) check up with our family doctor.  She’s a great person and I love the fact that rather than “giving” you something to help with a situation i.e. Ralph’s on coming cold and a few other things, she suggests things to do to help with the situation.  She’s tremendous.

Since I was up early as usual, I had some time to use (I’m not going to use the term “kill” anymore when it comes to time…I like the concept of “use it or lose it” better) I started to re-organize a cupboard in the kitchen that was in great need.  It’s the cupboard where I keep my bulgur and quinoa and things like that.  There wasn’t any tossing involved…I just needed to get it more orderly so I can find things a little better.  I even found some things I forgot I had, like some nut butter single serve packets that I can make good use of.  Finished it in about 20 minutes so I was happy and proud of myself.

The frustrating thing about doing something like that…no one will see it, or appreciate it but me.  So many of the things I’ve been working on in the last week are also things that I really can’t show.  The house is in such turmoil, I don’t like to show it.  I did show some of my “work” on my porch over the last few days because it’s only a small disaster area, not a full-fledged disaster.

I am happy with my progress though.  I packed up another box and found some things that actually belong to other people and need to be returned…Glad to do it!  I also found a wonderful box of photos that we had gotten from Ralph’s sister, Kathy.  Such a review of his life!  Tiny baby pictures, grade school, high school…the scary thing is how much in those photos he looks like his grandson, Patrick.  I’ve always said Patrick looks like Ralph.  Now that he is about to turn 18, I see some of Ralph’s teenage pictures and it’s astounding.  The only real difference is the hair cut.  Even the way they stand is the same!

There were some Army photos of Ralph and even a few of him in his dress blues!  Unfortunately, they are from his first wedding and it would be hard to cut out his companion.  Maybe this is a reason to learn how to use Photo Shop!!

I’m quite happy with how things are going with my mission to get things packed in hopes that it will encourage others to do the same! 😉  We live in hope!  Guess I’ll get to work on more separating the wheat from the chaff!  Step by Step!!

Happy Tuesday!! Dig in there and Do It!!


10 responses to “Unseen Accomplishments

  1. yup, fran, sometimes it is enough if WE know what we did, even if no one else knows! so, way to go with that kitchen cupboard. cleaning it up helps YOU feel positive and that is great!
    bi-annual – always confuses me, too, what term you use for twice a year vs one every two years! haha!

    • Cathy, I should probably look it up, but of course I always have other things to do! Just looked it up…I was right! Nice for a change! 😉 I’m feeling positive about this project. More to do today! Have a great day!!

  2. I know how you feel. I look at the upstairs and the basement and just don’t know where to start. I’ve been asking St. Anthony to find the bolts for the crib…now that would be a big help! Who knew that crib bolts would be so hard to find? Glad that you are making progress, even if it is unseen.

    • Thank you, Thank you! Well, I’m going to be getting some things out of the upstairs when I work on that project I told you about the other day. I’ll probably be going throught the books again in prep for the yard sale. Tell me where else there is stuff of mine and I’ll work on that too, I think there’s more in the basement. Let’s sell EVERYTHING!! Not you…I’m keeping you…

  3. When it comes to organizing, I feel like things usually look much worse before they look completely better. I need to do some kitchen cabinet organizing of my own–but you’re right, it kinda seems like a thankless task. Until I need that ONE item and know exactly where it is!

  4. I love the idea of “time to use” instead of kill!!!!

  5. I like the “use” rather “kill” time distinction…it just sounds more appreciative! It’s great that you have all those old photos to look at..they’re such fun!

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