Reaping the Harvest

One of the best parts of spending the weekend with Ralph in Mullica Hill while he draws, is getting to go to one of my favorite places, Natural Harvest Market.  I first talked about Natural Harvest way back in January 2011.  I loved it then under the original owner and I love it even more under the new owners.

Darrol, the owner, friendly as always answering my myriad of questions!  They carry a wide variety of foods and ingredients that are not easy to come by in this area.  So many interesting things, that I couldn’t even take it all in.


I had a lot more photos, but for some reason they will not load properly.  Regardless, you can go to Natural Harvest’s web site to get more information on what they carry.  My focus is located right in this cold cabinet…Kombucha!  Finally found it!

Tracey, the other owner had given me a very good tutorial on Kombucha and it’s health benefits on Saturday. She is a pharmacist and a nutritionist so she knows what she’s talking about.   She also told me what a big fan she is of it and that she is actually learning to make her own.  Of course I picked her brain about that as well.  I bought one and enjoyed it enormously.  On Sunday while Ralph and I were chatting, who showed up, but Tracey!

Of course, drinking her Kombucha!  Now that I know Natural Harvest carries it, I’ll be visiting regularly because I really love it!

Since Tracey recommended only drinking half a bottle a day to start, this should hold me for the week.  I can resupply next week.

Natural Harvest carries a wonderful variety of the foods I’ve been trying to find and thought I could only get by traveling 45 minutes to shop for them.  Here in a wonderful old town, only about 15 minutes away, I can find almost everything I need.  Small but mighty…that’s Natural Harvest Market!  All of their info is on their website.  Visit them soon! Have a Kombucha! Tell them I sent you!!

Happy Monday!


16 responses to “Reaping the Harvest

  1. fran, i have heard and read so much about kombucha thanks to blogs! but i have never tried it! i liked seeing your pictures of the store and the owners…glad you had such fun checking things out, and that the store is even better now!
    it’s great to support independent retailers, and build relationships. hope you get back to natural harvest market soon!

    • Thanks, Cathy! They made me feel like we wer old friends and when Tracey showed up at Ralph’s drawing spot, I was over whelmed! Kombucha is definitely a unique flavor…not sure if everyone would like it, but I love it! Wish is wasn’t so pricey!

  2. Hi Fran. Looks like a great market. I’ve become a big fan of kombucha too. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I’ve tried it once and thought I would vomit. Maybe because I don’t drink alcohol I just wasn’t used to the strong taste. Hope it treats you well, I’ve heard great things about it!

    • So sorry, Marie! I think it’s an acquired taste. I like tangy fizzy things and I don’t really think I get the taste of alcohol. Don’t know why I like it, maybe it’s the ginger flavor…reminds me of my Grandmother.

  4. That sounds like a great store to have relatively nearby!

  5. I’ve never tried kombucha (although I’ve certainly read about it…). I love poking around in health/natural food stores and seeing what types of products are out there.

  6. I’ve never had kombucha either…I’m just not the daring type I guess. Looks tasty though!!

  7. I’d love to go to the market – and I’m intrigued by kombucha, would love to try it – but I think it might be a little bit far away… 😉
    I love that sort of shop and the owner looks so lovely!

  8. Spooky – the first I ever heard of Kombucha was this weekend!

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