Best Of Intentions…

I started the day with the best of intentions in several areas of my life.  Headed off to Weight Watchers bright and early with high hopes and written proof that I worked hard.  For my efforts I got a 1 pound gain! I realize that I had a party last Saturday night and then again on Wednesday afternoon.  That is probably responsible and I’m not actually worrying about it too much.  I know I’ll be back on track.  I’m writing everything down and I’ll be Very careful this week.  Besides, It’s still my Birthday Month so I get some flexibility! 😉

My other less than stellar performance has to do with Dewey’s Read-a=Thon. I had all good intentions to read, Read, READ in spite of the fact that I knew I would be spending the day with Ralph in Mullica Hill where he was doing caricatures.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  There are a lot of people there who like to talk and although I could have been rude and read with other people there, I couldn’t do it.   Ralph’s used to it.  While he didn’t have a customer, he was drawing so I could be reading, but with other people there, I didn’t feel right.

I also didn’t do much photographing of the fun that goes on there, I’ll try to correct that today and I’ll share with you all tomorrow.

But I will share a couple of photos that I’ve gotten over the last few days.

During the week I had a coffee date with Ele and Kristen and I found this beautiful cloud formation outside of Barnes & Noble.

It doesn’t translate here, but in person it looked like a tornado! Very cool!

A sunset from Friday night…

I’ve been sad that there haven’t been very nice sunsets this Fall.  This certainly made up for it!

So I’m headed back to Mullica Hill for the day.  Hopefully it’s not as cold today as it was yesterday!

Happy Sunday!!


10 responses to “Best Of Intentions…

  1. fran, those photos are gorgeous!!
    you made the right decision to be social instead of reading…good call.
    enjoy your day – it is POURING here! a good day to hit the mall later this aft!

  2. I can’t believe you had a gain..I thought you were doing great this week. I had a half pound gain but my kids introduced me to pumpkin doughnuts and munchkins and I’m sure I deserved it! Next week you will make up for it!

  3. I know it can be frustrating when those pounds seem to creep up out of no where but it sounds like your attitude is right on track, and I’m sure you’ll get there next week 🙂

    Have a fantastic week, Fran!!

  4. Those are some awesome photos! Glad you aren’t too worried about the pound (even though it’s frustrating). I tend to fluctuate by about 3 pounds and it doesn’t always make sense based on what I’ve eaten. I’m not reading as much as I’d like to either 😦

  5. Gorgeous sunset! And chatting with people/watching caricatures be drawn does sound like it would be distracting–in a good way! So hey, kudos to you for trying and reading what you could!

    • Thanks, Allie! It’s so funny…I’ve been doing SO much reading and getting it right in there around life in general, but the day when I had a mission…it didn’t happen! But hey, I’ve read 66 books this year which is so much more than I every thought I’d accomplish!!

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