Where Is Fall?

While riding around on Friday I made a sad discovery that I had been noticing around the edges of my observations but didn’t really focus on.  Although it’s chilly and even Very Chilly at times.  There are very few trees that have started to take on their Autumn colors.  And I’m Sad…

Autumn is one of the few good things about living in New Jersey. You get to see the maple trees turn color seemingly one leaf at a time.  You get to see the oaks turn red and yellow.  Even all of the sassafrass trees in  my yard turn orange, red and yellow.

But this does not seem to be happening this year.  Maybe I’m too early, but I don’t think so.  Maybe I’m impatient and that is totally within the realm of possibility.  Whichever is the case, I’m disappointed that it hasn’t come yet.  I want the Fall to live up to it’s end of the bargain.  I’m here, so you’d better show up too! 😦

Hopefully my visit to Weight Watchers will have a positive outcome this morning.  I’ve been very happy with my results over the last 2 weeks and I have certainly been on track this week in spite of all this partying.

I’ll be spending most of Saturday and Sunday with Ralph in Mullica Hill where he’ll be drawing caricatures.  He does it every year during the Civil War reenactment that the town puts on.  He’s alway excited to do it and he’s even more excited that his grandsons come to camp out with him on Saturday night.  It’s fun to walk around there and see all of the beautiful antiques and the displays in the shops.  I’ll get some exercise!

I can’t spend too much time walking around because I’ll be participating in the 24 hour read-a-thon tomorrow.

It starts at 8am.  It should be fun.   I know it’s crazy, but I’m sure it will be fun!

Happy Saturday!!



12 responses to “Where Is Fall?

  1. fran, it sounds like you have a very fun saturday lined up for today! enjoy your outing – and ralph will have a great day, too: drawing/a favourite hobby and camping out with the grandsons. that is just great!
    i love that you’re doing read-a-thon. can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  2. ugh, too early, i forgot half my comment! the leaves here have been GORGEOUS!! many many shades of reds and yellows. i am not sure what is going on where you are?!!

  3. Have fun and good luck at weight watchers!!

  4. Oh fun, I wish I could join you because I started reading a really fun book (an Emily Giffin book) and I’ve just been too busy to spend any real time with it.

  5. I was wondering the same thing about Fall. But then remembered that last year the leaves were still on the trees at the end of the month when we had that freaky nor’easter. So, maybe it’s just a couple of weeks away!

  6. Much to my complete surprise fall is here in Kansas City! I don’t know why – it’s been so dry the the leaves s/h gone straight to brown and dropped off, but the trees are actually turning and the yellows, oranges and reds are gorgeous.

    • I’m glad you’re getting some color, Val! I guess my complaining helped…it’s getting a little more colorful. Ralph says that because we had so much rain this summer, it’s keeping the leaves on the trees and they aren’t changing yet. As good a reason as any!

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