Too Old To Care??

Last year I had a great time writing about my birthday.  It was the first birthday I had celebrated with a blog.  I was feeling creative and I posted all of those fun pictures of myself.  Now I feel compelled to try to live up to that post.

This year the celebrations have already started, at least we’ve already celebrated our anniversary.  But this is a Birthday Month, as is our family tradition and I really should start partying a little hardier!

I’m facing weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning.  I think I should get dispensation on my birthday…guess that comes from being raised Catholic!  But…that doesn’t happen and I’m feeling pretty good about my week in spite of Monday’s Anniversary lunch…so instead of talking about my birthday…I’ll talk about food!

A breakfast from this week…

This was pomegranate kefir with Fiber One. Very tasty.

A quick late lunch of caramel corn rice cakes and sunflower butter.  I Love this combo.

Last night’s dinner that was SO good!  Microwaved 2 small sweet potatoes for 8 minutes.  Thinned out and heated up some of the barbecue beans I made earlier in the week.  Sprinkled with a bit of parmesan cheese.  I just loved it.  Think I’ll do this again!!

Today’s breakfast.  When I went shopping at Aldi the other day, instead of getting the fat-free vanilla yogurt, I got the fat-free plain.  😦   I was disappointed when I realized it, but… I put a cup of it in a bowl, added some of my crock pot apples from yesterday and then a quarter cup of Fiber One.  This was delicious and filling.  I’ve never tasted plain yogurt that was this creamy and tasty.  I may buy this from now on because I can use this in cooking.  Happy Accident!

Ralph decided he wanted to take me out to find a birthday present which we did. I’ll show those after birthday.  We decided to stop for lunch.

A tossed salad from our favorite spot, Picasso’s.  Please note that I did NOT get the mixed cheese salad. I’m really trying hard to break that habit.  I requested the grated cheese and shook that on.  It’s a good choice.  Ok, how did I get into italics and how do I get out?!?!?  Must be something I did with my bandaged finger…Yikes!!!

So that’s enough food and I will lighten up on that as soon as I get to Weight Watchers and see how I did.  I just need to feel in control.  Talking about it here is a real help!  Thanks for listening!

So I’m off to enjoy my Birthday!  Not sure what’s on the agenda, but I’m sure it will be fun!  Oh, yes…I’ll NEVER be too old to care!!

Happy Saturday!!  Happy Birthday to Me!!!





12 responses to “Too Old To Care??

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRAN!!! big hugs to you and i hope you have a wonderful day filled with your favourite things, activities, and people!!
    re the yogurt mistake…don’t you love when things turn out after all?! yippee!

  2. Happy Birthday! I like to use the plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream – it’s a really good substitute. But, I have to admit, for just eating, I really prefer the vanilla 🙂 Congrats again on your WW loss!

  3. Happy Birthday! I’ve just started using plain greek yogurt and adding fruit, pumpkin etc to it. Yesterday I added some chili powder, sea salt and lime juice for a dip 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!!! May you have a great day and year to come!

  5. Happy Birthday, Fran. I’ve been using Greek yogurt as well. It’s a great substitute for sour cream. It’s hard for me to tell the difference.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Fran! I hope that you had a wonderful dinner and ate something amazing!

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