Sometimes, Yes…Sometimes No…

I wish I could figure something out.  If I could figure it out, I would probably be rich (especially if I could share the secret with other people-who would pay me money!) and I would feel so much better in general.

The secret I search for is…why are there some weeks when I can be SO completely on track, getting exercise and making good food choices and other weeks I’m a screaming neurotic freak?!  Well perhaps that’s a little over the top, but I think you know what I mean.  I was having such a terrible time…eating, snacking everything I could get my hands on.  Now this week…thank goodness, I feel calm, in control, I’m making the right choices and I feel I’ll have a good result when I get to Weight Watchers on Saturday.

Maybe because I am focusing, trying hard to be on track and just doing what I have to do.  But why now and not 2 weeks ago?!  Maybe because I got to have my Anniversary splurge on Monday…maybe, not.

In spite of that, I feel that I am having a good week. This was Saturday night’s dinner.

Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, onions and garlic mixed with cottage cheese over cous cous.  You see on top the last of the shredded cheese I had bought.  I’ve decided that I will not buy it anymore unless I plan to use it for a specific recipe.  It may be one of the culprits so we’re experimenting here.  This was yummy and filling.

Here’s my usual favorite Sunday breakfast, eggs on a sandwich thin, with sriracha sauce, without cheese…have to do it.  Added a sliced apple topped with cinnamon for a little extra.  Good idea, I should do that more often.

Another breakfast, Greek yogurt with honey and Fiber One.  This is a good choice because of the protein boost…15 grams!  Tastes good too!

I always say that I do better when I have things ready.  A quick lunch of hard-boiled egg, carrots and celery.  Easy because everything was there.  I need to keep this up!  This is starting to look like a What I Ate Wednesday post! 😉

Next…and I won’t bore you with any more food…comes one of my favorites.  I finally remembered to buy sweet potatoes when I went to the produce market.

I microwaved these two babies for about 8 minutes after piercing them with a fork a few times.  They came out perfectly!  After cooking, I cut them up in bite size pieces.

I sautéed together olive oil, garlic, onions ( I had been forgetting to buy them, too…glad I remembered!) yellow squash, tomatoes and cottage cheese.  Used one of my Penzey’s spice mixtures…I think 33rd and Galena.  This was so delicious and I didn’t miss the cheese sprinkled on top!  Yummy and Filling.  Hmm…I think I may have to change the name of BCDC to Yummy and Filling!   Just noticed that this is very Autumn colored…I like that!

I think that I’m focusing on my good food choices for the week because it may be tricky to make good choices on the coming weekend.  It’s my Birthday weekend and who KNOWS what’s going to come up!   Whatever comes up…I am going to be focused…mindful…and I Will write it all down!  That’s what works!

Happy Thursday!



17 responses to “Sometimes, Yes…Sometimes No…

  1. These things happen. For no reason what so ever, I can just go completely off track! As long as you back, that is all that matters.

  2. hooray for birthday weekends!! you realize that if you were in canada, we would give you a long weekend with our thanksgiving day holiday this monday!!
    glad you are having a good week, fran. in answer to your question: well, to dr phil things, maybe you are on track with food when you feel at ease and not anxious about some other area(s) of life?? or a dietician may say that you are getting all of your nutrients/sufficient energy?? who knows?! maybe it’s related to a full moon/lunar cycle – haha!!
    have a great day!

  3. If you could bottle that and sell it, you would be rich! Glad you feel on track this week. Happy Birthday weekend!

  4. I’ve been eating lots of sweet potatoes lately. I slather mine with sunflower butter and it tastes like heaven. It’s funny when I first tasted sunflower butter I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. But the more I eat it the more I can’t get enough.

    Good luck with staying on track. By the look of all your eats your doing a fantastic job.

  5. mylittlesquareonlineface

    Yummy-looking dishes! Hope your birthday is wonderful. Stay away from cake!

  6. I’ve been having trouble commenting on wordpress sites, so I’m testing this!

  7. Trying one more time….!

  8. Oooo, you have a birthday coming up?? Happy birthday in advance! And mmm, sweet potatoes are always a good choice, so filling, good for you, and you still get that hint of sweet!

  9. i am definitely not on board with cutting cheese out of my grocery list. but your meals do look delicious.

    i bought a container of cottage cheese after seeing it on so many of your salads recently! i was traumatized after a container of reduced-sodium [i’m not concerned at all with my sodium levels right now, but i was intrigued]. i was convinced it was spoiled. others confirmed that’s really just how it tastes. 😉 it’s such an inexpensive protein! and i’m eating too many processed things. excellent idea, as always.

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