Feeling Full…Of Veggies

I was complaining yesterday about the lack of veggies (and fruit) I consumed on my two recent trips.  I worked on correcting that today.  I headed off to our local produce market to do some stocking up.

Red bell peppers, Gala apples, bananas and strawberries.  I also got onions (which for some reason I always forget to buy), plum tomatoes and more Romaine lettuce.  I still have some Romaine from before the Atlanta trip but it needs serious pruning to be useful.  Didn’t want to be without so I had to get more!

Made a stop at Shoprite and picked up these.

I keep hearing so much about the apple cider vinegar cocktail.  I never thought that Shoprite would have the Bragg’s but they did.  Since I can’t find Kombucha bottled, I decided I should give it a try in tea bag form.  My plan is to make the tea tonight and it will be cold for morning consumption.  Should be interesting to see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

After my shopping trip, I had a banana and Shoprite brand Greek yogurt with honey.  This brand is so good and was on sale for 88 cents, much cheaper than Chobani and very tasty.  It was as filling as I had hoped.

Lunchtime came and I was glad I had finally remembered to get cottage cheese.  It really is a protein bonus-15 grams for a half cup and only 2 Points on Weight Watchers.

I removed some of the sad and droopy leaves from one of the leftover heads of Romaine to get to the good part. Chopped that up with too older plum tomatoes.  Topped with the half cup of cottage cheese, chopped jarred jalapeno and sweet pickle relish.  Of course I also added (as always!) enormous amounts of ground black pepper!  This is one of my old favorites and very filling, too.

I’m feeling more back on track now and I’m hoping for a respectable result on Saturday at Weight Watchers.  I’ve felt so off track since we got back, but I’m doing my best to focus on the tasks at hand-both regarding food and projects.  There’s just so much to do…I need to Inspire Myself!

When I got home from my shopping chores, I find this on the bed…

Ralph confirms that it’s me…I know my hair is short but it’s not That Short!!  Guess I need to grow it in a bit to not see this again!

Happy Friday!!


8 responses to “Feeling Full…Of Veggies

  1. that is so very cute that ralph left that drawing for you! i agree, though – your hairstyle IS a bit longer!
    greek yog for $.088?? wow, what a steal!! and thanks for the reminder that i need to pick up cottage cheese today!
    glad you’re feeling back on track, fran – have a great friday!

    • I LOVE cottage cheese, Cathy, but I just forget it sometime. It’s so versitile and has a good protein punch. I find little drawings like that regularly! I should show them more often. It made me want to go buy a wig!! Have a terrific day, Cathy!!

  2. I need to try reintroducing cottage cheese, wonder if I’ll still not like it, haha. But it HAS been four/five years, so maybe tastes/tastes for textures change. Way to get back on track and stock up on those veggies!

    • Allie, I know a lot of people don’t like cottage cheese, but I’ve always loved it. Try it this way. I mix it into the salad and it acts as the dressing. Also try it with apple butter…creamy and decadent tasting without a lot of calories. I also toss some into a stir fry of veggies at the last minute. Again, it becomes very creamy (kind of messy) tastes like you put a ton of other cheese in for fewer calories. Just ask…I’m the queen of cottage cheese!

  3. Happy Friday! I always go crazy with the produce after being out of town too. My MIL drinks concoctions with vinegar in it but I just prefer to use it in salad dressing. I love that brand of Apple Cider Vinegar.

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