I Dream Of Veggies

As much as I enjoyed our trip to New Mexico and the recent one to Atlanta, there was something that was missing for over a month…enough veggies.  When we were in New Mexico, I spoke about our fridge issues.  It wasn’t working so I couldn’t really stock up on fruits and veggies and make all the salads I had intended.

In Atlanta everything was a la carte, and a side salad was Very expensive.  I don’t mind paying for a salad, but $9.oo for a side salad is a little beyond me.  I suffered in silence and ate no salads except the one at the banquet.

I realized when we got back to New Jersey that I had left some veggies around the house which I had intended to give to my sister, Ele.  They served me well on Tuesday night.

Bedraggled green peppers and a zucchini plus some garlic.

A slightly past its prime potato cooked in the microwave.

With the addition of a few spotted tomatoes that I forgot about when I took the photo, lots of salt and pepper and some mystery spices from my cupboard and topped with some shredded cheese…This was delicious and filling!  My kind of dinner!

Wednesday took us to another of our family birthday lunches.  I didn’t know about this one until Monday, but as soon as I found out…I started dreaming of this…

A Greek salad topped with grilled Portobello mushrooms.  My body was craving this and I couldn’t have been happier.  This is possibly the best Greek salad around.  Mild dressing which is used lightly and with the addition of the grilled Portobello, it is a real meal!  Made me Smile! 🙂

Glad they only gave me a small piece of birthday cake…I do still need to weigh in on Saturday at Weight Watchers.  I would like to have some success so that I can feel back on track after such a long time of being Off Track.

The crew included…

Ralph’s sister Kathy and her husband John.

Sister Maddie and her husband George.

Cousin Kathie, Cousin Lynne (The Birthday Girl!) and Aunt Marie.

We had a lovely.  I always enjoy when we all get together!

So my dreaming of veggies continues.  When I finish here, I go make a list for my visit to the produce market.  I can’t wait!!

Happy Thursday!


12 responses to “I Dream Of Veggies

  1. hooray for another family bday outing!! i bet you had a fun time visiting and catching up!
    yup, i would have passed on a $9 salad, too…esp since it probably was not that big (not BPB-sized, anyway!).
    enjoy your list-making for the market, fran!

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job of catching up on your veggies! And, how fun to hang out with the fam (and eat cake!).

  3. I always crave veggies when I get home from vacation! Love your random salad of almost-past-their-prime ingredients. Way to rescue them!

  4. What a fun birthday celebration!!!!!

  5. That Greek salad looks wonderful. I LOVE Greek dressing and portobellos. Add some feta and I’m in heaven!

    • Mare, it was so delicious! The family always likes to go to this restaurant and I really don’t like much on their menu. Then I discovered this. I just asked one day if they could add the grilled Portobellos and they said yes! I’m a happy Girl!!

  6. I can’t cope without my piles of vegetables! I had an op last year and couldn’t eat any fruit or veg for two days beforehand… you should have seen the plateful I had afterwards!
    Looks like a great gathering, things like that are lovely 🙂
    Hope WW is ok tomorrow…

    • Hi Elle!! I didn’t realize how much I was missing my fruits and veggies until it was almost time to come back from NM, then with the second trip so close…Just didn’t get back on track. I’m doing my best to get back to normal. We had a wonderful time yesterday! I have my fingers crossed for WW. (Hard to type that way!!)

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