Georgia On My Mind~ A Catch Up

It’s very frustrating when you’re going along having a wonderful time and then…both your body AND technology fail you!

For whatever reason, I was having difficulty connecting with the Internet while we were in Atlanta.  Maybe because we were near the airport there was interference of some sort.  I don’t know, but it was frustrating.  That’s part of the reason I had no post on Sunday.  I should have done a post on Twitter, but it never crossed my mind!!

We had a great time on our trip to Ft. Benning on Friday but when we got back to the room, both Ralph and I were wasted.  We both slept on and off for the rest of the evening.  We didn’t even get any dinner!!  Ralph rallied later in the evening and headed to the hospitality suite, but I was done in and not feeling great.

Saturday I woke up with a Terrible Headache!!  The kind that almost made me sick to my stomach.  I staggered awake at 7am and realized that Ralph needed to be at a meeting at 8am!  Got his coffee made and got him out the door on time.  I spent the rest of the morning moping around the room, trying to feel better.  At one of the previous reunions, I was so sick (with a headache…) that I wasn’t even able to attend the banquet.  I wasn’t going to let that happen again.

Around 11am I started to feel better, got showered and down to the lobby to meet with some of the other wives.  The guys were still in their meeting.

I had lunch with a group of the ladies and some of the guys.  Ralph was off  to see a Civil War cyclorama.  One of our friends from the reunion is a Civil War scholar and the two of them always go off to a battle field or some Civil War site on these trips.

Didn’t photograph lunch (still wasn’t thinking clearly) but I had a tasty grilled veggie wrap.

After lunch, back to the room for more resting so that I could get myself ready for the banquet.  Ralph got back to the room in time to get ready and soon we were back in the lobby again.

Ralph with our friends Mike from Virginia and Randy from Mississippi.  Mike’s very quiet…Randy is always the life of the party!

An ice sculpture with the Americal symbol.

Our table mates-side One…Sheila and Ron (the Civil War scholar) from North Carolina…Dave and Lynn from St. Louis.

Table side Two…Ralph, Tim and Barb from North Carolina…Gerry and Maureen from Florida.

Me and Ralph (thanks, Barb for a great picture!) We’re not sure where we’re from!  All weekend people kept thinking we had already moved to New Mexico…Can’t tell you how many times I had to explain that!  I also realized that I had worn the SAME outfit Last year!!  Some one please remind me of that Next Year!!

Vern and Renny from North Carolina…Me and Ralph.  Ralph looks a little startled…this was a rushed picture, because everyone wanted a photo with the ice sculpture!

We had a great time at the banquet.  There were some touching stories and presentations (as there always are)  I love the fact that we get to go to these reunions, it always does Ralph a lot of good.

We hung out at the hospitality suite until way past all of our bedtimes.  It’s always hard to part once we’re all together.  We said some goodbyes to folks who would be leaving very early, made plans for breakfast with others.

I was proud of us that we were up and down at the restaurant at 8am, had breakfast, said the rest of our goodbyes, and got right back up to the room to finish packing.  I was finished my packing but I was not the one who was out until a quarter to three Saturday night! 😉

We hit the road at 11:30am.  We had a very smooth trip home (except for a ridiculous, no reason for it delay at a Burger King in Greenville, NC) and we walked in the door here in New Jersey at 1am.  Not bad. 

However, I’m up and moving now.  Lots to do…unpack the car, return the car and get Back On Track!

Happy Monday from New Jersey…this is New Jersey…Right?! 😉






6 responses to “Georgia On My Mind~ A Catch Up

  1. welcome home, fran!
    that IS a most wonderful photo of you and ralph! so very neat how you can reconnect with people from all over the states! i like your people pictures!
    all the best as you unpack etc today!

  2. Welcome back.
    That’s funny about wearing the same outfit as last year…what are the chances?

  3. OMG! I wore that exact same outfit to work today…

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