When Ralph and I were in New Mexico we had a wonderful, amazing visit and it solidified our desire to live there permanently.  The only possible downside to our visit was that we had No TV.  For some people, that would be no big deal, but I must confess that we are big TV watchers. 

We changed our habits considerably during that stay and we both did a great deal of reading, which you all know is Ok by Me!  The reason for no TV is that we do not have either cable or any of the satellite choices installed yet.  Only makes sense that we wait until we are there all the time.  Last year we were able to get a couple of channels with just an antenna, but this year it would not cooperate and rather than be constantly aggravated, we gave up.

Ralph did bring his little DVD player with us.  If I had known we’d be completely without TV, I would have been sure to bring some DVD’s from home that were to my liking. I did NOT want to watch the entire Dirty Harry series!  We did watch Absolute Power which is one of my favorite Clint Eastwoods and Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.  While we were out, Ralph found some old Gene Autry TV shows on DVD which were appropriate to being in NM.  We would set up the DVD player on the kitchen table and watch while we ate dinner.

On one of our visits to the local antique mall/second-hand store, Ralph picked up a copy of “300” starring Gerard Butler.  I remember when this came out, but I have a hard time not chuckling when I hear Gerard Butler’s name.  That comes from watching too much TMZ on TV…those of you who are similarly addicted will know why I’m laughing. However, “300” is no laughing matter.

I’m not sure how historically accurate this movie is (I should probably do some research but Ralph says it’s moderately accurate) but we really enjoyed it.  I guess I grew up seeing too many gladiator movies (on TV of course!) and I thought it would be long and drawn out. It was short and to the point and we got to see all of these guys run around in their leather undies smiting each other!  I didn’t really expect to, but I liked it.

What does this have to do with anything, especially the title of this post?  This is my 600th post!  That means I have been seated either in this chair or several others in front of this computer or my netbook and written 600 times! 

I find that hard to believe and hard to fathom in a lot of ways.  I didn’t know what I was getting myself into seventeen months ago when I started this.  I never thought I would become so connected to it and to all of you.  I really didn’t think I’d keep up with it either.  However, it seems to have become a part of my life.  I truly do feel guilty when I can’t post, for example when we’re traveling. Not only do I feel that I may in some way be letting down you, my readers, but I miss it.  I really do.

So I’m wishing myself a Happy 600th post.  I plan to continue this, mostly because I enjoy it and it seems there are a few others out there who feel the same way.

Happy Tuesday! Happy 600th!  Tonight We Dine In New Jersey, although we wish it was New Mexico!! (See Gerard-above-in his leather undies!)



16 responses to “~600~

  1. congrats on #600, fran!! that is quite the achievement!
    my post today is #698…i was thinking, do i do something special to mark #700?? what number will i be at by january 2013??!
    have fun with dinner out…you will have to talk about nm instead of being there!…(a sorry substitute!).
    i have not had tv for over a year…don’t miss it! maybe you’d be ok with the dvd player and shows/dvd’s that you like?!

    • Cathy, we’ve been discussing that. It would be a savings and right now we could use some of those, but after a month without, we need to catch up and then make that decision. I know I enjoyed the time for more reading while we were in NM!

  2. Fran,

    Congratulations on #600.


  3. That is AMAZING!!! 600 is huge…Mike and i loved that movie too!

  4. You know Fran, technology is a great thing. I would say that John and I watch 90% of our TV on our computers and you can too. With sites like hulu and netflix, you can get lots of TV programs and movies when you want them. And many of the major networks and some cable stations (HBO) will also let you watch current episodes online. So don’t give up hope if you can’t get cable or satellite yet, you can still get your TV and news 🙂

  5. There are some great shows on TV but we don’t have a TV and somehow it just isn’t a big deal. 300 is Glenn’s very most favorite movie ever. I haven’t seen it but you’ve reminded me I want to.

  6. Wow 600 posts. Good for you!! I’m so happy for you. Are you really planning on moving out west? I’ll miss you, but I guess we can still keep in touch with our blogs

  7. Congrats Fran, that’s so awesome! I’m 4 away from 100. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but now you got me thinking….I’m not a TV person but Rich is big time. Glad to know 300 is good. I didn’t see it.

    • Thanks, Stacie, and hooray on almost 100. I almost missed this one and went to bed having no idea how to handle it. The 300 thing just came to me. I’m trying not to do so much TV since we’ve been back but it’s like a man dying of thirst in the desert…you have to keep drinking! 😉

  8. Conrgats on hitting 600 !

    The movie 300 is fairly accurate. King Xerxes of Persia is how my husband was named Xerxes by his father. It was a good movie!

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