Wading Through Molasses

The title is not the title of my next novel…Next?  It’s the way I’ve been feeling since returning to New Jersey…Slow Motion.  Everything I try to do seems to take twice as long.

I seem to be getting back into the Eastern time zone.  Only slept until 7 am today.  Good because I have a lot I need to do.  More on that in a few minutes.

Ralph and I did a decent job of getting the car unpacked and cleaned out.  When we were finished you’d never know that a bird got trapped inside, the trunk was bathed in bourbon or that it traveled over 7000 miles!  On a product note, the Febreeze commercials tell the truth…that stuff is amazing! 

We still didn’t get back to the rental agency until about noon.  We have become good friends with the guy who runs it and we chatted for a Long time.  He wanted to know the various routes we took on the trip so of course Ralph pulled out his handy fold up, laminated map of the USA.  We both had our cameras with us so we showed off lots of photos.

We realized that we had been talking to him for nearly two hours and it was time for lunch.  Ralph gave me the choice.  I decided on Subway.  Even though there’s a Subway in Silver City, we never got there.  I just never thought of it.  Duh!!

I had my favorite veggie…pepperjack cheese, spinach, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, sweet peppers, green peppers and black olives with chipotle sauce.  I forgot how much I missed it. 

I am NOT looking forward to Weight Watchers. I’m going to weigh in on Friday because if I don’t, since I didn’t make it to any meetings in August, I would have to pay.  I may have to anyway considering how I’ve eaten over the last month.  Then on Saturday I’ll go to my regular meeting to catch up with all of my WW buddies.  I’ve really missed them.  So glad that many of them are on Facebook so I know what’s going on with them.

Today is shaping up to be busy.  I need to get my hair cut first thing this morning.  I should probably be walking out the door right now, because if I don’t I have to wait.  The salon I go to now doesn’t make appointments, but I get a good haircut and they only charge $8.00.  Guess I can’t complain too much.

I also plan to Finally get to the grocery store and the produce market.  I need some SALAD!!!  Can’t wait.  I know what’s on the menu for dinner tonight!  I will be a happy veggie then.

Wish me luck on accomplishing all of this.  Hopefully, I can wash off the molasses and get myself going! Now if I could just get my sneakers on and start walking!  I think that will start on Monday, even though it is a holiday!

Happy Thursday!


8 responses to “Wading Through Molasses

  1. Good luck and can’t wait to see what shows up in the big purple bowl!

  2. Enjoy the haircut, fran! That IS a great price!
    Wow, you did have quite the chat at the car rental place – too funny.
    I do understand re that slow feeling, post-vacation…maybe all your errands will get you going!
    Have a great day!!!

  3. Haha oh my gosh, your poor car!!! At least you got it cleaned out!

    Now I demand some post-haircut pictures 😉 You’re so cute!

  4. i need a haircut too! i went to a ritzy salon last time because i thought they would do wonders. and the woman slightly butchered me. not too noticeable, but did literally the opposite of something i requested. so i’m a little bit gun shy this time around.

    i will definitely have to try my hardest to get to the meeting if you’re going! EP is picking me up around 9:00 for the weekend… from what i know of him, he will not be a minute early… so i’m thinking i could get there. GL today on the weigh-in! i’ve been having a fairly healthy week, and feeling good about my choices, but i. am. not. losing.

    welcome back again!

    • Thanks, Sweetie! If you can’t make it to the meeting, I’m sure we can work out a coffee date during the week. I’ve always been worried about hair cuts. Guess that’s why my hair was long for so many years! This lady does a good job and it’s very reasonable so I’m happy with it! Hugs!

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