WIAW~What State is This?!

I think it’s the state of confusion!!   I talked about being confused on day and time when we got to New Mexico…A MONTH AGO!  Now back in New Jersey and another time change, I’m really confused!

But not too confused to participate in the fun food party of all time…What I Ate Wednesday!  Of course  that’s the food fantasy created by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.   I actually have some food pictures this week, what a novel idea! Not many, but some. 😉

Peas and Crayons

We arrived back in New Jersey at 7am on Monday morning.  I only slept about 3 hours and was up and going again.  I was working in slow motion and didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked, but the car is almost unpacked (better be since we have to give it back today!) and got what I did bring in unpacked and mostly put away.

I was just getting out of the shower when my sister Ele called asking if I’d like to go for coffee.  Ralph and I were about to go to the diner, so we invited her to come along.  I was hungry but had that sort of sick, tired feeling in my stomach.  I decided on breakfast…comforting and filling at the same time.

A mushroom and cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes and rye toast.  It was very good and just what I needed at the time.

When we took Ele home, we picked up our mail which she had been gathering for us during our trip.  I should have taken a photo.  It filled an entire shopping bag from Olive Garden!! It was heavy, too.  It took a lot of sorting to weed out the real mail from the stupid credit card offers that need shredding and the catalogs.  Ele was bemoaning that the quality of our catalogs has gone down hill in recent years.  I guess we’re not on the good lists anymore! 😉

I never realized how much work that could be, but I’m glad I got through it right away, now I can handle the bills and the shredding (why don’t they just take me off THOSE lists?!?)

We realized we were hungry so I called in an order to Picasso’s and picked it up.  I got my favorite…their mixed cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

I usually doctor it up and add things, but I didn’t have anything to doctor with.  It was good and tasted better than it might look. 

Today promises to be a busy one.  Complete the car emptying, clean it up and return it.  I MUST get to the veggie store and possibly the grocery store.  I’ve got to get back on track for the sake of Weight Watchers, What I Ate Wednesday and myself!

Be sure to go over to Peas & Crayons to read up on some of the other terrific food bloggers who participate each week.  Be sure to leave some comments.

On to a productive day and getting my head cleared!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Eat something Healthy!!


18 responses to “WIAW~What State is This?!

  1. so nice to read about how you’re getting re-settled, fran! welcome back! i can’t believe how fast your time in nm went by…i’m sure you feel the same!
    glad you had time to see ele and reconnect and get your mail! sounds like you had A LOT to go through!
    have a great day – i am off for AUNTI WEDNESDAY!

    • Cathy! I Love Aunti Wednesday! Have a great time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! I’m glad to be back in some ways and not in others. We have a big job in front of us to get out to NM for good. Gotta get working on that!

  2. Good luck on your productive Wednesday!!! 🙂 That Omelet looks tasty! And I love fresh tomatoes!

  3. I always think it’s impossible to find simple/good food out at restaurants, but your WIAWs always prove me wrong! Love the omelet and the salad, both look fresh and tasty. Hope you’re settling back in to home life!

  4. Aw,I hope you re-settle quite soon,Fran!
    I’m sure it was great to see your sister again,I think I will miss mine a lot when I move out someday,even though she can also be annoying sometimes 😉
    Your omelet looks realy tasty,I can’t believe you got it at a restaurant. There’s no way you could get that anywhere around here,really,I’m jealous!

    • Hi Kat! It really was great to see Ele again, even though we kept in touch by phone and e-mail, it’s not the same as in person. One of the plusses about New Jersey is the diners. So many choices and many are open 24 hours a day so you can get what you want any time! I love omelettes anyway. Wish I could learn to make a good one myself!

  5. Its always tough getting back into the swing of things after a vacation. But it seems that you are doing a great job of it 🙂

  6. Glad your home Fran (and Ralph, too) !! I looked forward to reading about your adventures everyday. I felt like I was on vacation with you…loved the sunsets!

    • Hi Judy! Thanks, we’re reluctantly glad to be back. We really want to be in NM, but getting back to NJ focuses us on our projects to clear out and get out there. Glad you enjoyed the trip (ha-ha) and the sunsets. It’s so incredible there!

  7. Yay for productive days!

    Glad the move went so well and that things are starting to normalize. I move in a couple days and I’m so stressed! Oh well one thing at a time and it will all work out 🙂

  8. It must be so hard for people to keep track of you! It should be “Where in the World is Fran” instead of Carmen Sandiego. I’m glad you’re getting all settled in!

  9. WELCOME HOME! 🙂 love the classic picks, too. go with what you know. i haven’t had a good omelet in a while. i’ll have to lure you out to breakfast soon so i can get a mushroom and swiss omelet with tomatoes! and i still have yet to try picasso’s. that salad looks just fine by me.

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