Lazy Days in the Sunshine

Ralph and I have been having such a great time staying with my cousin Kim, that I’m realizing that I haven’t really been taking many photos!  I’ll correct that for the rest of our time here.

We haven’t really done much but chat and tell stories. I was able to tell Kim some family stories that she wasn’t aware of, and she’s done the same for me.  It’s been a very interesting process.  In fact it’s giving me some ideas for some writing projects.  We’ll see where it takes me.

Yesterday, Ralph and I had to get our acts together to participate in the second reason we’ve come to Northern California.  A Wedding!  Friday night was a little post rehearsal, pre-wedding gathering of family and friends.  We’re lucky that Kim’s house is only a short drive to where the wedding is being held.  We left early because the traffic might be an issue, but we were there within about 15-20 minutes.  We were pretty happy about that. 

It was so great to see the family and some of our friends from back East.  Some of them weren’t there because they were taking a night-time tour of Alcatraz.  We’ll see them Saturday for the wedding itself.  The bride’s father and mother, Ralph knows from his work with the police department.  There were some other people he knew from “the job” as well.  Such fun!

For the wedding on Saturday, we’ll travel back to the hotel and then we’ll be transported by shuttle buses to the Paradise Ridge Winery where the wedding itself will be held.  That’s nice because we’ll be together with friends and family again. From what we’ve been told, the Winery is not very far from the hotel.

We had an adventure coming back from the little reception last night.  We traveled fine along the highway, but when we got back to Kim’s neighborhood, we got lost.  We wandered aimlessly for a while…all of the streets have names starting with the letter “B.”  Bernadette to Bernice to Bonita…or was it Bernice to Bonita to Bernadette??  We were about to call Kim and holler Help when we saw the sign and knew that we were at the place to “B!”

Today is the wedding and we’re looking forward to it.  In spite of all my vacation eating, my dress for last night fit!  Let’s hope today’s dress does me the same favor!

Happy Saturday…Happy Wedding!!


8 responses to “Lazy Days in the Sunshine

  1. have fun at the wedding, fran!
    that would totally confuse me, too, all those B streets! so glad you and kim are having a great time reconnecting and sharing stories. family + social time is the best!!

  2. I’m so jealous of your North California adventure! Enjoy your time in the sunshine!

  3. Hanging out and chatting with fam? I like the sound of that. Always so relaxing and interesting at the same time. Have a great time at the wedding! I like the sound of Paradise Ridge Winery 😉

  4. A night tour of Alcatraz?! I need to do that… glad you’re having a great time and hope the wedding was good 🙂

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