How About Some Book Talk?

With all this talk of travel and Enchantment and furniture, I haven’t said much about books for a while.

I just finished reading Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner. 

Fly Away Home

I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while, I think the first one I read was In Her Shoes.  You expect generally light, some depth with a pretty good story line.  For some reason, this one just didn’t grab me.  I liked some of the characters and wished they had been expanded and could have done with less of some of the others.  I also thought she gave too many details about unimportant characters and back story incidents when  just wanted her to move the story along so I could find out what happened.  I’m sure I’ll read her again, this one just wasn’t one of my favorites.

Now to a book I really liked.  The Dark Room by Julia Cameron.

The Dark Room

I believe Julia Cameron would be best known as the writer of The Artist’s Way which is so well-known and a fascinating book for writers and artists.  I’ve read it several times…I just need to do the practice now.  But that’s my problem, not hers…or yours!

I had read her memoir, Floor Sample also and enjoyed it.  She hasn’t had the easiest of lives, but she’s still standing.  I didn’t realize she had written any novels.  I found this one where else but in a thrift store and I was so surprised to find it.  It sat forgotten in my car in a box that my friend, Gail had brought back from Florida.  I was looking for something else for this trip when I found the book.  I figured…what the heck!

This book was terrific!  It had good guys and bad guys and guys that you thought were good but were bad and guys who could have been good and could have been bad and you just didn’t know.  I liked her style of writing, it had an easy flow about it and the story had just what I always look for in a mystery…lots of twists and turns.  The main character was a Chicago police detective and could easily come back in another book.  I wish she’d bring him back and I wish she’d write more novels…I’d certainly read them!  Don’t know how easy this would be to come by in a library.  It was published in 1998.  You could probably order it on-line.  I think it was such an interesting read that I highly recommend it.

By the time you read this, we should be somewhere in California.  Maybe even our destination!  I am so looking forward to getting to visit with my cousins.  I’m as happy about that if not more than I am about going to the wedding! 

Happy Thursday!  Catch you from the Coast!!


12 responses to “How About Some Book Talk?

  1. happy thursday, fran! hope you have arrived at your destination! saw your tweets, hope the traffic snarls cleared!
    i do plan to read the jennifer weiner but thanks for sharing your opinion that it is not her best…i really do enjoy her novels for light reading. LOVED in her shoes, i think that was the first one i read, too (have you seen the movie? i have not, yet).
    glad the other book really grabbed your interest! so fun when novels beat our expectations!

  2. hopefully your trip has wrapped up! i joined goodreads yesterday, and it was 72% because of you. :p i only set a 2012 goal of 12 books, because that would mean one per month. it’s such a well-designed website. and i love that i could scan a book on my phone if i’m in a bookstore. thanks for the great idea!

  3. I read Fly away Home and for the life of me I can’t remember the storyline, I am going to have to google it now 🙂 Welcome to all the heat here, hot enough for you?

  4. I was surprised when I actually enjoyed In Her Shoes, haven’t read anything else by Weiner, though. I may have to try another–just not Fly Away Home 🙂

  5. Glad you are reading so much Fran! I haven’t read either of those books. Can’t wait to hear about CA!

  6. I’d love to read Cameron’s memoir! I read Fly Away Home a while ago. I liked it, but I agree that it’s not her best.

    Happy Thursday!

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