WIAW~In The Land Of Enchantment

Even if I’m confused about what day it is…and if you’ve been reading lately, you know that I am ever since we got to New Mexico…even with all of this…I Know it’s Wednesday and that means, What I Ate Wednesday!  That’s the wonderful food party instigated by Jenn at Peas & Crayons. Be sure to head over there after BCDC to see what all the lovely ladies are eating this week…and Leave Some Comments!

Peas and Crayons

Since I’ve only settled into New Mexico and now our California road trip is looming, I’m not doing too well with summer staples, but when we get back to NM at the beginning of the week…we’ll do some stapling! 😉

Finally got the chance to try some of the Barbara’s cereals, they carry them at the local food co-op.  I wanted puffins, but settled for shredded oats.  These are So good.  Very filling which I like.

Made a great salad the other night.  Romaine, some local grown lettuce, tomatoes, celery, red and green bell peppers and an apple. I had bought some Mrs. Dash, figured that would be a good all-purpose seasoning to have, some parmesan cheese and light ranch dressing.  It was very good.  Like my Big Green Bowl? Got it for $1 at Target.  Works great although, I do miss my Big Purple Bowls… 😦

Ralph and I went to the local Asian Buffet.  We’ve been there before and one of my favorite things is the fact that they have vegetarian hot and sour soup.  This is very spicy and yummy! 

I also had a nice plate full…

Veggie lo mein, veggie mei fun, egg foo young, mixed veggies and bok choy .  Very good and I was so stuffed, I couldn’t believe it!  I did have a nice plate of melon after but forgot to take a photo… 😦

So that’s about if for me for What I Ate Wednesday.  By the time you’re reading this, we’ll be on the road to California…at least we’d BETTER be!!

Don’t forget to stop over at Peas & Crayons to check on all the fun!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday…from the Road!!

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14 responses to “WIAW~In The Land Of Enchantment

  1. well, i know from twitter that you are traveling along, fran, so that is good!! hope things are going well on your journey!
    i do love the big green bowl – and what a great deal. now will it stay in nm or go back to nj to join the BPB?!
    LOVE barbara’s cereals – all the types i’ve tried hold their crunch really well. puffins are the hands-down best, though!

  2. same here about the twitter update! 🙂 happy trails to california, sweet pea. your meals look delicious. big green bowl is like big purple bowl’s hippie cousin from NM. 😉

  3. Where are you going in Cali? I love it there!
    Also, I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award over on my blog 🙂

  4. Well, the big green bowl gets my vote for pretty awesome–but I do love everything that’s obnoxiously bright! And oh my gosh, I am so obsessed with Mrs. Dash, I don’t even care that it gives me the craziest onion/garlic breath for hours afterward. I buy the huuuuge containers of it from Costco, and still have to go buy more on a regular basis.

  5. Have fun and keep us updated:)

  6. Happy WIAW! Have a great trip!

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