The Ottoman Empire

…Full of furniture for some reason!  Only a few people will get that reference, but if you do…let me know!  I’d be happy to know that someone does…of course, not Ele…I KNOW she’ll know it!! 😉

For a long time, our house here in New Mexico has been pretty empty.  We joked that we had a blow up bed and that was all we needed.  Well things have changed a bit over the last few days.

First, Ralph found a real deal at the place in town called The Marketplace.  A wonderful table that sort of looks like Mission furniture and has a lamp attached.


Of course it gave me a place for all of the books I brought!

Then our friends Tonja and Craig, who we visited yesterday gave us this…

A wonderful set of table and chairs that fits on the little balcony off of our dining room.  It’s so cute and there’s still a lot of room left out there.  We were so excited to get it.

Then yesterday, Ralph and Craig went to the local Albertson’s which is a grocery store.  He found a set of what is actually patio furniture.  He thought it looked nice, it was a really good price and today, Ralph and Craig went over with Craig’s truck and picked it up.

Voila!! We have a living room!! We had brought the rug with us last year when we came and it was just on the dining room floor.  Now it has a new home!  I’m so excited.  I think it looks really good.  If we have company over, we don’t have to sit around the kitchen table, we have a place to sit!  Please notice the place of honor for my little piece of Roseville on the coffee table.

It’s really starting to feel like a home now.  Funny how little it takes to actually make you happy.    

There’s lots of packing to be done.  We’ll be heading to California today.  I’m still not sure exactly when we’ll be leaving.  I vote for early, but you know how much my vote counted when we left New Jersey!!

Again, remember, I may not be able to post once we get on the road, so please be sure to follow me on Twitter @BCDCFran.  I’ll keep you all posted on what’s going on.  I appreciate your patience with me during this time.  I also have to apologize for not commenting because it’s too hard some times to get a good connection.  We work with what we’ve got, right?!?! 

Happy Tuesday!!  California, Here We Come!  🙂


12 responses to “The Ottoman Empire

  1. enjoy your trip to cali, fran!! and yes, shall we place bets on your departure time?! haha!
    ok, now i truly get what you mean when you said your nm was on a hill…that photo of the new patio furniture truly shows how high up you are!! LOVE that rug in your living room – it’s got flare! it is true that just a few touches of items that you really like can turn a house to a home.
    oh – for the record, i do not know the reference in today’s title!

    • Glad you like the furniture And the hill, Cathy! I was so excited, it feels so much more like a home now. The reference is from British comedian Eddie Izzard. A lot of his comedy is based on historical incidents. He was going through some history and said “Th Ottoman Empire…Full of furniture for some reason.” Get it…ottomans…furniture. He’s hysterical if you’ve never seen him you can probably rent his DVDs. Spicy language, but very funny!

  2. I’m so glad that you are settling in. It looks so cute. If Carrie sees all of those white walls you may end up with a quilt to hang on one of them!

  3. The rug and furniture look great. Have a blast on your travels:)

  4. Haha, coming from someone else living in a fairly furniture-free house, a bed really is all you need 🙂 But it definitely feels more settled and “home”-y to get a few places to sit. Enjoy the journey to Cali!

  5. Safe trip to California Fran!!!!!

  6. valerie andruss

    Love the new furniture! Let us know when you get guest beds 🙂

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