Silver City Sunday

How would I define a Silver City Sunday?  As I’ve mentioned, it’s a day that seems to go on forever and is filled with relaxation and in this case, dogs…but I’ll get to the dogs in a minute.

We have friends Craig and Tonja who live here.  Tonja was one of the first people we met on one of our visits at least 15 years ago.  We were in a general store in Pinos Altos, a small town north of here, and Ralph heard Tonja talking about how she hated computers and that was all he needed, they were fast friends!  She still lived in California at the time, we exchanged address information, then when we got back to New Jersey, I promptly misplaced the info. 

We decided that we were meant to be friends because I found the info and wrote her a letter.  She called me and said that they were packed and were leaving to move to Silver City the next day!  We almost missed them.  We have stayed close and in touch ever since.

In the time that we’ve known Tonja and Craig, they’ve had up to 9 cats and 6 dogs at one time.  They live in a sprawling house on the top of a hill at the other side of town from us.  They’ve created a little paradise there with gardens and creatures.  The cats have their own special area of the house and aren’t allowed outside but believe me, they have a lush life.  They’ve created wonderful areas that allow the cats to go into screened in “jungle gyms” so they can get fresh air but they won’t get out and be eaten by javalinas (wild pigs).  I’m only half joking about the javalinas.

I believe at the moment there are 7 cats and 4 dogs, one a Great Pyrenees which is the size of a recliner chair and the gentlest dog I’ve ever met.  The amazing thing to me has always been the fact that if you didn’t see the food bowls, you’d never know the animals were there, that’s how well she keeps them.  Don’t know how, but you’d never know they were there.  Until you realize there’s a polar bear sleeping on your feet!

 Ralph with the Amazing Sharpy!  She’s so sweet!

Tonja with Cupcake.  At one time, all of the dogs had “sweet” names, Cupcake, Cookie, Honeybun, Brownie.  So cute!

Tonja with a HUGE  yucca in her side yard.  Even though she’s less than 5 feet tall, it’s still a very large plant!

Doves in the same yucca.  A little hard to see, but they’re there!

I love this one, the same yucca against the impossibly beautiful New Mexico sky.

We had a great day with Craig and Tonja.  I didn’t take a lot of photos, because when you’re with Tonja, it’s like being caught in a phone booth with a whirlwind.  Non stop chatting and laughing.  You’ll see more of her before our trip to New Mexico is finished.  Funny thing is that she’s leaving for California the same day as we are, but she’s going to Southern and we’re going to Northern.  Glad we’ll get the chance to get to spend some more time together when we all get back to Silver.  She’s enlisted me for a day when we get back to help her figure out her wardrobe for a month-long trip that she’ll be making to Croatia at the end of August.  That’s where she was born and she is full of wonderful stories about the area.  Now I’m a wardrobe planner.  Ok, I can do this!

See the things you get into in a place like Silver City?!  Always something different. 

Early warning here:  When we’re on the road to California and during our stay, I don’t know how easy it will be for me to post.  I’ll do my best, but remember you can follow me on Twitter @BCDCFran.  Believe me, it feels So weird when I don’t post, so I’ll be doing my best to stay in touch!

Happy Monday! (It IS Monday, isn’t it!?)


7 responses to “Silver City Sunday

  1. Happy Monday, Fran!

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. 🙂 Love the pictures!

    I’m off right now to follow you on Twitter. (I’m @raineerose).

  2. PEREFCTION!!! So glad you’re having a blast!!

  3. oh, i do love that story of how you connected with tonya and craig and how the friendship blossomed from there – truly meant to be! so glad you enjoyed your visiting time yesterday!
    that is so cute that all the dogs were named after sweets, at one time – love it! my favourite dog name ever is “waffles,” (my friend’s dog was so named) so that would fit right in with tonya’s theme!
    it’s civic holiday monday here – but all stores are open. so some of us must work! that’s ok, i am off til 3:30 and will enjoy our glorious sunshine!
    safe travels to cali and have much fun, fran!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I’ll have to tell Tonja that the next pooch needs to be Waffles! I love that. We’re having a beautiful day here. Breaks my heart to leave, but I get to come back for 2 weeks, so I guess I can survive!!

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