Getting On Track and Keeping Track

First my confession…I’m am SO off track when it comes to Weight Watchers.  I know I’m on vacation, but I need to get myself under control and back on track.  We went shopping yesterday and bought veggies for salad.  I can’t wait until tomorrow when we’ll get our first chance to go to the local farmer’s market.  They always have a lot of good things.  Everybody say it with me…I Can Do This!!

I’m having a hard time getting myself unfogged from the trip out.  I feel a bit dazed.  Again, it could be the altitude, but I’m not sure.  I’m plugging through regardless because, Hey…I’m in New Mexico.

Several trips ago Ralph and I had realized that we could not remember what we had done.  I started keeping a journal of what we did on a daily basis, to help us remember.  I started out small but now I’ve graduated into a larger format.  Still small enough to fit in my purse but a little larger page.  Of course, I got a deal on it.  Paid $1 for it at A.C. Moore.  I probably should have bought more!  I like the fact that it has a little pocket page in the front for me to keep all of the receipts for gas as we come cross-country.

It’s fun to do and when we get back from the trip and try to tell people what we did, we don’t have to strain our brains trying to remember.  Just have to flip through the pages.  It’s like my pocket memory!

Of course I have BCDC for that also. 

We had the chance to visit our friends and neighbors, Fred and Delphina yesterday.  They’re so sweet, they look after our house while we’re away.  We’re so lucky we met them.  Fred served in the same Army unit as Ralph and we actually met them at one of the Americal Reunions that we go to every year.  What a coincidence, and now they’re only about a mile away from us on the same road!

Not to bore you with the beauty of New Mexico, but I will anyway!  Here’s a sunset from last night.

 And this morning’s sunrise…

It is just amazing to me how beautiful it is.  Ralph and I always talk about whether the people who live here all the time get used to this and don’t pay attention to it any longer.  We don’t think we’ll ever take it for granted.  I’ll be posting some more over on my Facebook page so be sure to join me over there for more Enchantment!

Happy Friday!  Yikes! Friday already! 😉


10 responses to “Getting On Track and Keeping Track

  1. You can do it with WW. Eat your salads and walk! Miss you. hugs

  2. Hang in there Fran. You are a Weight Watchers inspiration, and I’ll get your groove back in no time!!!!! Enjoy your day. (love the photos)

  3. You can do it Fran!!! Love the sunset/sunrise!

  4. Fran, that sunset and sunrise are breathtaking. Enjoy seeing that sight every single day – wow is all I can say!
    I love that you have a paper journal and the blog as accounts of your trips…I agree, general impressions stay but details are harder to remember!
    do you know, I still have the scrapbook that I put together when I was 12 and our family did a vacation trip through quebec and eatern canada. That book is priceless to me, now! And I am really glad I have aruba and florida posts on my blog, more recently!
    Happy friday! Glad you could meet up with dear friends already, too!

    • Cathy, that’s so cool about your scrapbook. I can see you doing that. So cool! Guess we can suffer through a few of those sunrises/sunsets. It makes it less of a problem to wake up early! I don’t miss any that way!

  5. Pictures like that are never boring, they’re beautiful. And although I know you’d feel bad if you don’t keep on track, enjoy some treats while you’re there 🙂
    Hope you get to try some riding!

    • Thanks, Elle! It’s just so different from back East. Ralph and I just stand with our mouths gaping every time we see a sunrise/sunset or even just the clouds in the sky. Incredible. Trying to keep the treats under control. I have to fit in the dress I’m wearing to the wedding next week. Can you say Spanx?!

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