A Good Book

During my life, I have been an on and off big reader.  I wish I could say that there were more on than off periods but that would not be true. I now subscribe to the wisdom on the tee-shirt, “So Many Books, So Little Time.”  I also subscribe to the wisdom of my Mother who by example showed us that reading was just as important as anything else she had to do in her life.  If you have any argument with that, talk to her about it.  I wish I could.

I don’t especially like the same books that she liked.  In fact, as I look back I can’t think of many books that we agreed on other than the Harry Potter books which I shared with her.  She never made it to the end of the series.  She was reading, I think Order of the Phoenix when she no longer had the strength to hold the books.  I have never removed her bookmark.  I like to think she knows how the series ended. Maybe she was even whispering in J.K Rowling’s ear as she was finishing the Deathly Hallows.

Some things are so personal or so deeply ingrained in us as to require us to feel we have to defend our positions.  Some things like that, I simply won’t talk about…politics…religion…don’t ask me…I love you, but you can’t make me discuss them so please don’t try.

I think books allow a much calmer, though in many cases very dedicated devotion.  I think I can discuss why you love Stephen King or James Patterson or why I finally got so frustrated with Janet Evanovich (please make a decision and get a new Plot!!) that I won’t buy her books even for $1.00 at the library book sale.  I’m embarrassed to say it took me to Sizzling Sixteen to figure this out, but I like to give an author a chance. 😉

I found The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn at Goodwill.

The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn: A Novel

Knowing nothing of the author, Janis Hallowell, I thought I’d give it a try…big spender…49 cents! But it was an enjoyable book.  Clever premise, characters that I came to care for, easy reading.  I was happy I  “found” it.  So many books I find this way.  Knowing nothing in advance about the book or author.

I’m currently reading The Paperboy by Pete Dexter. 

The Paperboy

Again found at Goodwill for my favorite price (say it with me…49 cents!) The back cover made it sound interesting, so it was mine.  I now find out it’s been made into a movie which moved it up on the list.  On the off-chance we might want to see the movie…I always want to read the book first.  Gives me something to complain about later. 😉

This book is so well written.  The bizarre thing is, I can’t even tell you why I say that.  There’s just something about the flow of the author’s prose (please step away from the English major!) So far I’m enjoying it very much and hope to be able to give it some serious attention this afternoon.

I was excited on Saturday’s trip to Goodwill that I found the first three books of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  Paperback, so 49 cents each.  I’ve always wanted to read the series and this will give me a start.

I love recommendations for books.  Recently I’ve been getting into Young Adult fiction, but I’m open-minded.  My sister Ele has a set of Jane Austen that I had given my Mom some years ago.  I’ve never read them, so I’m thinking of borrowing them back.  If you have any good recommendations…please share them!

I also have a terrible habit of trying to see what other people are reading when I’m out in public.  It’s rather humorous.  I’ll crane my neck in all directions to see what they’re reading.  I just like to know what’s available, and when it comes to books I’ll usually give anything a chance.  I do try to catch up on the classics I may have missed.  Not always a good idea, though.  I had never read Catcher In The Rye.  Some years ago, I found a tattered copy at a yard sale for 25 cents.  I still think I paid too much… I won’t argue about it with you, but I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Sunday!!






22 responses to “A Good Book

  1. i love discussing books, fran, so any time you want to blog about books, i am keen to join in and chat!
    i loved catcher in the rye, i have read it twice which is a rarity – as we have said, so many books, so little time!
    janet evanovich – i used to read every stephanie plum, but stopped somewhere around nine or ten…just too much of the same! although i love the characters so if i see one of the books in the library, i will pick it up! a good summer-time author!
    my family members love to read, too, and we’ll pass books along. i credit it back to my grandpa c who was a big reader. he kept a log of all of the books he read, a practice i took on!
    hope you get some reading time on this sunday! have a great day!

    • Cathy, that’s so cool that you got the reading bug from Grandpa…obviously, Ele and I got it from Mom! My log has sort of fallen by the wayside since I found Goodreads. I do all my tracking of books through there now. I keep thinking I should go back and update my log, but it would be Quite a job! I love talking books! See, you figured out the Evanovich books were all too similar sooner than I!! Have a great day!

  2. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to stop watching mom read. I remember towards the end when she could still talk to me I sat her up amongst some pillows and put her book in her hand (a romance novel she had been readng) I sat Michael beside her with a book and told her that when she wanted to change the page to have him come and get me if he couldn’t change it for her….a half hour passed and I checked on them…he was asleep and so was she, the book still at the same page. That was the last time we tried. I told her that I would read the rest of it to her but she really didn’t understand. I know that in heaven she is sitting in the universe’s biggest library knowing that she has eternity to finish all the books there. Some day, we’ll catch the bookmobile and meet her there!

  3. My dream of heaven is that I’ll finally have the time to read all the books stacked up in my bedroom:)

  4. I love books to and couldn’t agree that there’s so little time! What is your good reads name? I just joined but am still figuring it out! I am snapsandbits. I don’t know how to find people yet 😉

    It’s so touching that you have not removed your Mom’s bookmark. I grew up in a reading family but neither of my boys spend a lot of time reading. I’m sad they did not get the gene but maybe when they are older!

    • Stacie, I sent you a friend request! If you scroll down looking on the right side you’ll see “My Profile.” Your pictuure should be there. It tells you how many friends you have and has “find friends” in parenthesis. Click on that. Search is on the right but you can go through Facebook or Twitter. Be careful though with Facebook. When I tried it EVERBYBODY was checked and if you’re not careful you’ll send a message to everyone you know on FB… I think children read when it comes to them. Something sparks their interst and they start. Your boys will come to it, especailly with you setting the good example!!

  5. Lovely post. I’m always reading something. I don’t have a particular genre, just whatever really. I love that feeling of getting lost in a book and shutting the world out.
    Kindles make it tricky now to see what people are reading…but I love a challenge hehe!

    • Hi Anna! Glad you stopped by! I don’t have a particular genre either, since I’m a thrift store prowler, I pick up what looks interesting. I have certain authors I like and try to find again and again. You’re right…with the e-readers, you sort of have to ASK what someone is reading. I usually ask and I start by asking them about the e-reader itself. Then it doesn’t seem too creepy!

  6. I am a huge huge reader. I wish someone would pay me to read and I would seriously quit all the other things in my life and read away.

    $0.49? Amazing. I think I need to take a trip to Goodwill.

    Have a great rest of your Sunday!

    • Ameena, I would love a job like that too. I would love to review books, but I don’t know to get started at that. Have to look into it. Yes, 49 cents!! That’s always my first stop in any thrift store…drives my friend Gail crazy! She keeps telling me I have enough books! I don’t think so! Have a great day!!

  7. I’m reading “7” by Jen Hatmaker. A great non-fiction read about simplifying your life. funny too! I think it’s great that you get books at Goodwill. I was there the other and it’s amazing what you can find for a dollar! Maybe GW will be the new library!

    • Mare, I haven’t heard of “7.” I’ll have to look for it. I do the library too because it’s free. I’m such a cheapskate. I like to think of myself as thrifty. I could never have had all of the books if I’d paid full price. have a great day, Mare!

  8. Hi Fran!

    A few months ago, I was complaining to my husband about the high price of books. “Why can’t there be like, a Netflix for books? You know, a place where you can rent books and check them out without committing to anything.” “Uh, you mean like a LIBRARY”, he sagely remarked. Duh. I knew I kept him around for something! Since then, I’ve rekindled my love of the library, and I am currently reading “The Marriage Plot” and it’s pretty good! I’ve been going to the library like a fiend. I’m also on the waiting list for “50 Shades of Grey”. I know, I know.


    • Mylene, Great to hear from you!! Your husband’s comment about the library is very funny!! I’ve heard of the Marriage Plot. I liked the other book he wrote, Middlesex so I’m sure this one is good too. If you haven’t read Middlesex you might enjoy it. A little quirky but a great story. So glad you’re still around! Have you ever tried Goodreads? It a web site for cataloging what you read and if you’re friends are on it you can share with them what you’re reading, your reviews and such. It’s lots of fun. Let me know if you join, we can be friends! Take care!!

  9. I really wish I had more time to read. Or, actually, that should say I wish I made more time to read. One of my summer resolutions was to read more – haven’t got round to it yet though.

    • Dannii, there’s still lots of summer left! It’s true, it’s making time to read. I have so much more time for it now that I’m not working, but I had carved out some good pockets of time to read even when I was. The best part was that I discovered audio books. I had a 25 mile commute each way to work. Those books got me through some terrible traffic jams that would have made me crazy without them. It was a wonderful way to make use of my time. If you’re a commuter, think about it! Keep at it…you’ll find a way to Make the Time!!

  10. I was incredibly underwhelmed by The Dark Tower, but I know a lot of people love that series–I’ll look forward to your opinion on it! And it’s definitely my mom that gave me my love of reading too. We overlap in interest quite a bit, but we still come across books that lead to a difference in opinion and a good discussion.

    • I love to talk about books with other readers. There’s always something I can learn…a new title, a new author. I wasn’t sure about The Dark Tower either, which is why I was happy to find the first 3 at Goodwill. They didn’t cost much but I can give it a try! I miss Mom and talking to her about books.

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