Christmas in July

We were joking on Saturday that we were having Christmas in July. Why you ask?  We decided to go to dinner at the Chinese restaurant where we always go on Christmas, Sakana Oriental.  It wasn’t for any reason other than that Jim was visiting from Washington and we all like this place.

I have a very selfish and particular reason why I like it.

Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup!!  This is so tasty.  Most Chinese restaurants offer hot and sour, but most of them use meat in their recipe.  At Sakana Oriental they do not!  I love it!

I have to confess, as if you, my dear readers don’t already know this, I am a creature of habit.

I usually order their eggplant in garlic sauce and I request to have tofu added. It is just delicious.  Unfortunately I forgot to ask for brown rice and I got the white.  It still all tasted delicious!  I ended up bringing home some leftovers.

We had a relaxing enjoyable meal in the wonderful cool dining room.  They weren’t very busy at the time and it was like we had the whole place to ourselves.

We declined dessert at the restaurant because we were looking forward to Ice Cream!!

Black raspberry…Again!  It’s so sweet and tangy at the same time.  I was good and only had a small!

Got my 2 mile walk in on Sunday morning again.  Thank goodness it’s somewhat cooler than it was on Saturday.  It felt good.  I’m really getting the hang of this walking thing.

At lunch time though, I was starting to fantasize about my leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner.  Thought I try something with them

I chopped up some Romaine lettuce, microwaved my leftovers and Ta-Da!

I can’t tell you how good this tasted!  Served up in my wonderful FREE bowl I got at the rummage sale last month!  It’s bigger than it appears in the photo.  About the size of a large soup bowl.  It was just perfect for this lunch.

Then it was on to some serious work to on my reading. I’m reading Specials by Scott Westerfeld, third in a series. 


I can’t wait to find out what happens!

Hope it continues to cool off as the weather people are saying!!  Can’t wait for that!

Happy Monday!!


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18 responses to “Christmas in July

  1. ok, now i love your FREE YELLOW bowl almost as much as the bpb, fran!
    for your sake (and my mom), it can get a little cooler out…but not much, ok?! can we compromise?! i do love the summer heat!
    glad you got out to your sentimental favourite chinese restaurant – fun! i actually do know of a family that celebrates christmas in july for real – a less busy time of year when it suits their family to all get together!
    hope you have time for more reading today!

    • Sunday was actually ok, heat wise, Cathy. Hot certainly, but not so oppressive and humid. We could drive in the car with the windows down (our A/C is on the fritz!) and still be comfortable. I’m with Mom! Have a great day!

  2. You didn’t mention your fortune cookie fortune. 🙂 Maybe it predicted you would be having ice cream for dessert.

  3. Ohh, I love Chinese soups but always have to pass for the meat-broth or meat-containing reasons, too. What a treat that you have a veggie option–and I’d totally be a creature of habit if I knew of a restaurant that served that tasty-looking meal too 🙂

    Rained last night, so I got to go on a comfortably-temperatured walk this morning. It makes such a difference!

    Also–lots of DDs in Atlanta! I didn’t get to go, since none were walking distance (ughhh, got Caribou coffee instead, and it was absolutely terrible), but I saw lots of signs off of the interstate.

  4. It was a great time. Always love the Chinese restaurant! And Ice cream kids!But too many trips to Ice cream kids and eating big, eat out meals (because they are never normal people sized meals) is the reason why I gain 6 pounds!

  5. I am totally a creature of habit too! I eat the same breakfast every single morning (oats with egg whites and canned pumpkin or banana topped with flax, hemp, honey and sunflower butter). Yesterday I had to leave early morning so I made myself a smoothie to go, it was so good!

    I am a big fan of leftovers as well.

    • Marie, some people say you shouldn’t be such a creature of habit, but I don’t agree with them and DO agree with you! I have to get into smoothies. I just never seem to have all of the ingredients at the same time! Leftovers are the best!

  6. That Chinese looks so good! I don’t eat it much here–the place I used to go to in CA was so much better that I’m disappointed by the ones near where I live now. I did have it again when I was in CA and ordered all of the dishes I used to always get (so I was being a creature of habit too!)

    Happy Reading! I’m half way through my re-read of Pillars of the Earth.

    • Stacie, I think with Chinese food, you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince. I bet there are some great ones hiding in your area of NJ. Keep trying, you’ll find one. 😉 Re-reading Pillars of the Earth?! My gosh, I haven’t read it. My best friend Gail read it at the end of last year and said it was great. Sometimes big book intimidate me. I’m trying to work up the nerve to read Atlas Shrugged. I am impressed you’re on your second go! Enjoy!

  7. Oh..I used to work near a Chinese restaurant that had vegetarian hot and sour soup. I loved it so much. I would get it all the time for lunch and sit at my desk with my mouth feeling like it was going to burn off and loving every second of it. Good times!

  8. I totally like to order things out of habit too. Although I tried something new at Chinese this week, and I really loved it!!!

    • Being vegetarian, my choices are more limited, but at a Chinese restaurant, I can do pretty well. I like trying different restaurants because you find different choices. Have a great day, Corrie Anne!

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