Easy Going 4th of July

Trouble sleeping last night so my day actually started at about 2am.  I stayed in bed until just after 4am but I just couldn’t take it anymore and got up.  I didn’t care, I get up, make my coffee and get to work on blog things.  It was What I Ate Wednesday so there were lots of posts to read. 

I finish on the computer, get myself dressed and ready to go for my walk at 6:45.  I walk out the back door and…it’s raining.  How did I not notice that before?  So I came back inside and read for a half hour.  Out the door again at 7:15.  No rain this time and I’m off for my walk.  I do my 2 miles and since my sister Ele just lives around the corner, I decided to walk over and see her and our friend Jim who is visiting from Washington, DC.  We already had plans for a late lunch but they said they’d be going to Target.

Came home and got myself showered and dressed again. I wanted to go to Target because they had Morningstar Farms veggie burgers on sale for $3.29. I was excited. But when I got there I saw that they also had the spicy black bean burgers in an 8 pack for $5.99. Excellent deal! I bought 2 of the 8 packs and 5 of the 4 packs. I had a $25 gift card which I used.  I was pretty excited!


Jim bought Ele a little gift…

Just what every girl needs…Lawn Flamingos!  It’s an old family joke which I’ll explain some time.

Ele and Me dressed in our patriotic best.  I won’t tell you how many shots it took to get this right!

Ele made yummy quesadillas for lunch…

With salad on the side, of course!

Dessert was delicious and simple…

Strawberries, blueberries and yummy banana bread.  Ele was kind enough to save a serving out for me before she put sugar on the fruit for everyone else!  Thank you, Ele!

The Boys…Ralph and Jim…this also took several takes to get the photo right.  The reason is that these two are incorrigible!!

It was a fun peaceful day.  Jim will be here until Sunday, so there will definitely be more fun coming up.  Little Michael will be back for a visit again tomorrow and that’s always fun.

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July…our Nation’s Birthday!

Happy Thursday!!



26 responses to “Easy Going 4th of July

  1. i hope you had a better sleep last night, fran! hopefully the long day made you sleepy?!?!
    i am interested in the fact that target was open on the 4th of july holiday – were all stores open?? in canada, on canada day, all major stores (ie department stores, grocery, malls etc) are closed. being in retail, these openings/closings intrigue me.
    great pic of you and ele! i did not realize you live around the corner from each other. of course, i am a fan of living close to family members as my parents are in the condo building next door to me!
    enjoy your day today – happy walking and happy visiting with friends and family!

    • Cathy, I slept So much better last night. I hear it’s an age thing, but it’s a pain. I had a stretch where it was every night. Now it’s just every week or so. Days like today I just wake up early, like at 5am but that’s ok. I like to get up and to computer things before it’s time to walk! Pretty much everything is open on the holiday. That didn’t used to be the case, but now things are even open on Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s convenient, but I kind of like the old way. It was hysterical…we wanted Ralph or Jim to take the picture, they both walked away to work on trying to fix Ele’s lamp. I took Several self photos, which wer Awful. Finally, Jim wandered away from the project and back to us, so he took the photo. He’s a great photographer. We think he might go into photography when he retires which is soon. Have a great day!

  2. happy 4th! I love how you just jump in to the morning if you have trouble sleeping. I need to work on that instead of just being cranky all day. haha.

    you guys look adorable in those shirts. and I am dying for a bite of that quesadilla!!!

    • Ms. Kristen! It makes me nuts to just lay in bed thinking of all the things I could be doing! Besides, if I’m awake, I keep thinking about the coffee I will be drinking! 😉 I’m cranky if I lay there. Glad you like our shirts! It was somewhat accidental, but we did look alike!

  3. Love love love your shirts! I used to live only a couple of blocks from my sister and I miss that so much! I can’t wait to hear the lawn flamingo story, those make me laugh every time I see them (they might be better than gnomes though!)

  4. I love this – looks like the perfect day to me! I haven’t been brave enough to try the spicy black bean burgers, but i love the regular boca ones, and the spicy “chicken”….IS it chicken? i need to cowboy up and try the black bean…i am ever so frightened of them though!

  5. Love your patriotic attire. Looks like a fun relaxing day!

  6. Sounds like a really nice day–good for you! The dessert looks so healthy and yummy!

  7. Nothing like a good lawn flamingo! I want to hear the whole story now, though 🙂 I love peaceful holidays as much as the exciting ones–yours sounds like it was great and relaxing!

  8. I have two lawn flamingos, but that is all my husband will let me put out. I’m glad someone else likes them.

  9. No lawn is complete without a flamingo on it!! 🙂 Hope you have a better sleep tonight Fran!!!

  10. Glad to see you had a good 4th! That banana bread looks so delicious!

  11. $5.99 for an 8 pack is incredible!
    I’ve been eating loads of strawberries lately…they seem like just the thing when it’s hot out!

    • I love fresh strawberries too, Zo! I’ve haven’t been to the produce market in over a week and I’m am LOST! Hoping to get there today! If you have a Target near you, the sale is still on until Saturday I think. It will probably depend of if that store carries them. I’ve never seen them before!

  12. happy belated Fourth of July, glad you had fun. Gorgeous pic of you and Ele and I’m intrigued by the flamingos!
    Love the bargains too 🙂

    • Elle, thanks! We had a great day! Glad you like the picture of me and My Eleanor! Gotta do a post about the flamingoes. But I have to reconfirm the story with Ele first to make sure I get it straight! Bargains are my Life!! Have a great day!!

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