WIAW~Goals and Challenges~Oh Yes, Some Food!

It’s that fun time of the week, all the foodies get all excited and I am NO exception! It’s What I Ate Wednesday, the great fun fest that is the brainchild of Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.When you’re finished here, be sure to check out all of the fun over at P & C.

Peas and Crayons

Ok, so I’m behind the times…I just noticed that for July, Fitness is added into the mix.  Lucky Me, because I’m working on that!

Third day in a row, I’ve done my 2 mile walk!  I’m very happy about it and I’m feeling really good and feeling good about it.  I plan to keep it up until we leave on our trip at the end of July and hope to pick it up when we get back to New Jersey.  I don’t know what I’ll be able to get in as walking while we’re in New Mexico because our area (mountain road) is without sidewalks, so we’ll see about that.

Not too much food to share with you, but here goes.

Sunday morning’s egg sandwich.  It was particularly tasty this time!

Egg salad on rice cakes along with some reading.  Note to Self: Eat this Very carefully, the rice cakes like to explode!

Big old delicious salad with romaine, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, bulgur, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, shredded cheese and low-fat Catalina dressing.  So good.

Overnight oats…the best breakfast ever, topped with home frozen blueberries.  I am such a slug sometimes that I don’t bother to make this.   Need to do it more often because it’s delicious!

Goals are going well. I got some more paperwork taken care of today and have more to work on. 

Of course there’s also the Ultimate Blog Challenge that’s keeping me focused on posting daily during July.  I like a challenge!

When you’re finished here, be sure to stop over at Peas & Crayons, look around and leave some comments.  We just Love your comments.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Oh yes…Happy 4th of July and God Bless America! 🙂




22 responses to “WIAW~Goals and Challenges~Oh Yes, Some Food!

  1. happy fourth of july, fran!! any celebrations planned for today? (what, you do not have a birthday party to go today?? haha, i am kidding you!).
    rice cakes: man, i am so messy with those. something to eat on my own, as it is rather embarrassing! but they do make such a great base (love the crunch) for *sandwiches* or snacks.
    walking: yea for you! i can tell you are enjoying your walks – your enthusiasm is evident! keep up the great momentum!!
    i will try to wear some red, white and blue in honour of my american friends, today!

    • Thanks for your Independence Day wishes, Cathy! Ralph and I will be going to Ele’s for lunch. Our friend Jim from Wash. DC is here for the Holiday and we always have fun with him. I am very much enjoying my walks. In fact I need to get my butt out of this seat, get dressed and get out the door! Thanks for wearing the colors that do not run for us!!!

  2. Everyone says that overnight oats are great, i should finally give a try too, besides blueberries are always great!

    • Melody, I love overnight oats and I can eat them cold, but most often I microwave them for a minute and a half. I’m using home frozen blueberries and they need warming up anyway. Have a great day!

  3. I agree with Melody- Overnight oats is something I have never tried but is supposed to be amazing. I am a massive oats fan so may have to give it a go… yours look yum!

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for visiting! I’m not a real fan of the overnight oats cold. I’ll eat them, but much prefer the warmed for about a minute and a half in the microwave. Thanks for stopping by…Have a great day!

  4. I’m so proud of you for doing your walks,Fran! That’s awesome,really. 🙂
    And yeah,rice cakes can be messy sometimes,especially with toppings added,but honestly – they’re so worth it. I just love the taste,plus,it’s one of th few things I can eat without feeling sick afterwards – double score!

    • Thanks, Kat…I’m doing my best! I feel good about it and I’m not working out like a crazy person but I’m doing something! I love rice cakes. It’s so funny the way some people look at you when you eat them. They do look a bit like styrofoam!! 😉

  5. Happy WIAW! Keep up the walking! I have been working on jogging 2 mile for a few weeks and it is still a struggle for me. I know it will get better eventually. 🙂 Enjoy the 4th of July!

  6. Happy fourth of July! I was reading about your goal setting/meeting. It amazes me how much happier I feel when I feel like I’m getting stuff done and how annoyed I am at myself when I let it all get on top of me…so good for you!
    I have had a number of “good luck reading while eating…” experiences. Trying to read when I have to cut is always fun…and of course, with open faced stuff, you have to worry about spillage!

  7. Wht a fun post and I love too cook, thanks for visiting my blog

  8. Good job on getting your 2 mile walk in! I miss living in a big city because I used to walk so much! Living in a smaller town is really no excuse though- hopefully I start doing it more.

    I love the look of that salad! And I haven’t made overnight oats in ages but oh my I want some now!

    • Thanks, Gabby! I’m really enjoying the walking. Problem with a small town is things are not within walking disatance. I love overnight oats. I don’t make them often enough though! Hope you had a great 4th of July!

  9. happy fourth of JULY fran!! I hope you had a great party and indulged in some cookies and other treats! Have I ever told you that I really love the name of your blog… reflects my mentality perfectly!!! I have to make some Overnight Oats tonight so I can have them tomorrow morning!

  10. Lookin’ good! Hope you had a great 4th!

  11. The overnight oats look really good!

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