The Saturday That Wasn’t

Well, of course, the Saturday WAS, it just got a bit mucked up, in various and sundry ways!

Months ago I found out that there was to be a town wide yard sale.  I thought to myself, that it would be a great idea to join in.  Last year, working at my sister Ele’s church rummage sale, I saw the kind of traffic this brought in.  I figured if I was going to do it, do it on a day when people would be out looking for yard sales.  Started my plan that I would participate.  I wouldn’t be able to help at the rummage sale because it would be going on the same day, but I thought they would forgive me.  The organizers of the yard sale took their time announcing the date: June 30.

Then we get word that our grandson, Patrick would be attending the ROTC leadership program at Ft. Dix for the second time.  We were really proud of him as we are of all the grandchildren.  Would we like to attend the graduation?  Of course!  What’s the date? June 30.  😦  I kept my disappointment to myself (for the most part) and made plans to go to the graduation.  It would probably be too hot in June for the yard sale, I can do it in the fall…I’ll have more time to prepare.

We fill out the necessary forms needed to be admitted to Ft. Dix (understandably a military base needs to know who’s coming and going)  We did it early to be sure everything was set and that Ralph’s son Bill could set everything in place for our visit.

Friday night we get a call from Bill telling us of a little glitch.  Bill had found the paperwork which was supposed to be turned in, on his desk.  Patrick had never turned it in.  He said we could just go and the leader of Patrick’s ROTC group could meet us and vouch for us.  Ralph would have nothing of that, because he knows how military things work and he didn’t want the aggravation of questioning and a possible car search (I’d like to see someone try to search my car-they would be injured from all of the “stuff” in there!!)

We passed on that idea and planned that we would meet them for dinner when all of the graduation ceremonies were completed. 

I figured, since I was free I’d see if I could lend a hand at the rummage sale.  They were very busy and I even put aside a few treasures for myself.  When it’s time to leave I open my wallet and NO MONEY!  I had gotten gas the night before in preparation for the trip and had not put anymore in my wallet.  Luckily, I know the people in charge 😉 and I’ll pay Ele today.

I get home and Ralph is foolishly sitting in the heat smoking a cigar.  He’s not feeling well, twinges in his chest.  I convince him it’s time to come inside, which he does, but he says that when Bill calls to meet for dinner, he doesn’t feel up to going.  That’s fine with me.  It would have been the old Steakhouse dilemma for me anyway so I was happy not to make the choice.

Ralph was fine after getting back into the cool air inside.  We spend most of the afternoon fighting over whether we’ll watch a Law & Order:SVU marathon (Me) or a Dual Survival marathon (Him-those guys are Creepy!) We both got to watch our share.  We’re enjoying the afternoon when we get a call from Bill.  He was calling first to check on his Dad to make sure he was ok.  Bill then says there was a little glitch.  The form he found at his house was the first copy of the form, Patrick had recopied it to send in to his commander.

I ended up eating an apple fritter that was truly bigger than my head…

How was Your Day?!?

Happy Sunday!!


UPDATE: If I’m not crazy enough, I’ve decided to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I have to post 31 times in the 31 days of July! Sounds like fun.  Since I generally blog daily anyway it shouldn’t become a problem until we get to the end, when I will be traveling, but what the heck.  It’s worth a try.  Here goes!!



18 responses to “The Saturday That Wasn’t

  1. my goodness, fran, what an upside-down saturday! i’m so sorry that you could not be at patrick’s grad, and i am glad that ralph was fine once he got indoors…and that you made it to the sale after all! one of my life philosophies is that things work out as they’re meant to be…we may not understand or like the course of events as they are unfolding, but afterwards, it usually all makes sense. (maybe you were meant to not sit out in that heat yesterday??). i AM sorry you missed the family time, though!
    apple fritter – yum. i think i need ice cream today for canada day!!
    hope your sunday flows along smoothly!

  2. This post made me laugh. I can just imagine how frazzled you were feeling. Days like that are tiring – nothing really AWFUL or life-changing happens, but all of those little glitches make for a long day. (I’m back, by the way. Sorry I dropped out and haven’t been commenting all month.)

    • I saw your post already and was SO excited! It was a doozy of a day, but it’s over now. I’ve missed you, but as long as you’re ok, that’s what counts. We all need a break sometimes!! I’ve missed you!

  3. valerie andruss

    Better than yours!! (LOL)

  4. Ugh…one of those days where nothing goes the way you planned! Sorry you had to miss the graduation and that there was that misunderstanding about the permission. At least there was an apple fritter at the end of it all.

  5. Wow it sounds like you had a hectic time of it. I am also taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I hope we both manage to get to the end of it with our sanity intact!

    • Thanks, Keith! It’s great to hear from you! I just found the UBC this morning and thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t sure I was linking properly, but I’m glad I did! Thanks for visiting, please come back and I’ll check your blog as well!

  6. We must be related. We seem to have the same crazy stuff happen to us. Has your husband been to the Doc’s for those twinges? Have a great Sunday

  7. That’s crazy Fran! My sister is in the military and Bush Sr spoke at her graduation all those years ago and it was really tight security as you can imagine. It’s exhausting to jump through those hoops! Sorry it didn’t work out but sounds like the fritter made up for it 🙂

    I hope Ralph is feeling better!!

  8. ugh… that sounds lousy. things have been sort of crappy with me, but nothing big or important, or anything, really… just enough that I’ve jaut been slightly off for a while.

    thanks for the blog challenge heads up!!! I’ve been waiting to hear about one. 🙂 not sure if I can do it. but I do like the idea that it’s 31 total so I could possibly make up for a missed one. :p

  9. Oh no! It’s standard that eveything’s always on the same day but how frustrating about the graduation! You’d almost rather not have found out that you could have gone after all. I did something similar this weekend in that I’d got press tickets for a massive outdoor festival at which Bob Dylan (!) was playing. I thought it was July 14 but found out yesterday that it was on Saturday… what an idiot 🙂

    • Oh, No, Elle! To miss Bob Dylan…:-( Things like that happen. We just have to roll with the punches. As I get older I find that I MUST write things down or I forget them. Ralph and I have a calender with enough space to write in what’s coming up. It’s attached to the inside of our back door, prominent in the kitchen. You have to open the door to get out, so you notice it every day. It’s not perfect but it sure helps!

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