Magazinus Interupptus

I don’t buy magazines.  I used to but they would pile up around the house waiting to be read.  I then had to gather them up, actually read them, then decide if I would keep them or recycle.  Then I decided that I didn’t read enough of them (except Vanity Fair when I was on a plane…then it was cover to cover) to justify the expense.  I stopped buying them.  That can not be said for the other person living in this house who buys them and will NEVER, EVER allow me to recycle them.  It’s one of the biggest issues I have with our eventual move.  If I have to give things up…these magazines Have To Go!  That is however a conversation for another day.

Today’s topic is about waiting… and starting to read a magazine…being interuppted to wait again…coming back and someone else has that magazine…

I had gone on Tuesday for my annual mammogram.  Got a call yesterday that there was something wrong with a couple of the views and the radiologist would like a repeat.  Not worried, I said ok, let’s schedule.  My appointment was for 10:20 today. 

So I go back in, get to sit in the lovely orange robe and wait.  I go in and for whatever reason It Really Hurt!  She couldn’t get a “good view” of the spot that concerned the radiologist.  CONCERNED the radiologist?!? No one said that.  So she keep squeezing and I keep grimacing.  Are you ok, she asks me?  Oh, just fine I say through clenched teeth while holding my breath.

After much painful pressing, the radiologist decides I need an ultrasound.  Then comes the fun of trying to get my doctor’s office to authorize it.  They leave 2 messages and no one is getting back so they ask me to call.  I call and pretty soon, I have the pleasure of getting slimed and prodded.  This is much less painful than the pressing but still not my favorite thing. The young lady says she’ll be back, she’ll show the results to the “imaging specialist.”   Then after about 10 minutes, they both come back in…the “imaging specialist” does the test again.

By this time, I’m getting pretty nervous, frustrated and I know Ralph is in the waiting room with no clue what’s going on.  The specialist then tells me that I have “dense tissue.”  Is that a compliment?  I’m not sure.  It just means that there are times when tests have to be repeated to get a clear view.  I should be, and I am, grateful that they are so thorough in doing this.  I’ll stand there all day to get a clear picture if that’s what they ask to get a good outcome.

In one of the magazines I read while waiting there was a “gadgets for sale” section.  Offered for sale was something called a “booby buddy” intended to separate things when you sleep on your side and meant to prevent “age wrinkles” from occurring.  I was going to look this up on-line to see if I could find a photo, but I’m a little afraid of what I might find.   Some years ago, I made the mistake of looking up “men in black.”   Age wrinkles or not, after all of today’s squeezing, I think I need a booby buddy.

Happy Friday! Please don’t Squeeze!


28 responses to “Magazinus Interupptus

  1. valerie andruss

    I will be your ‘booby buddy’ 🙂

    Don’t you just hate that/ I went through a similar experience last year, w/the ultrasound being done in the oncology(!) department only to have them conclude that an inexperienced technician had pressed a fold of skin into the first mammogram.

    The moral of the story? Take the magazine with you…

    • Ok, Val…You have a Deal!! 🙂 That must have been so scary! This was scary enough even though in my heart I didn’t feel there was anything wrong, probably just calcafications (sp?) as I’d had before, but upsetting none the les. I think you’re right about the magazine! Take care!

  2. Boy, do I know how you feel. Years of having my boobs squeezed because I’m just “old lumpy breasts” ! We can put a man on the moon but we can’t figure out how to take a mammogram without hurting people? I usually end up with bruises on the top and sore ribs from them being hit! Things are OK, right?

  3. fran, i am so relieved for you that everything turned ok after the extra testings/squeezing/sliming. so not fun!! again, though, i am just glad that you are just “dense” – haha!
    magazines – i no longer subscribe. you know what is funny? it was stressing me out trying to get through all the magazines i was getting! so i let all of the subscriptions run out and don’t miss them (i can read runner’s world at the store, one of my favourites).
    um, yes, the other person in your house is going to have to do *something* with all the magazines. they cannot be moved, dear ralph! (and you can quote me!!).
    have a great friday, fran!

    • Thanks, Cathy, everything is fine and after it was all over, I just thought it was funny and thought it would make a good post. “Dense”…Yup, that’s me! For a while Ralph had gotten me a subscription for Entertainment Weekly and I really enjoyed that. Periodically I think about getting it again. Guess I could see if the library carries it. I’m supposed to be going there anyway. I go there sometimes to write. Peaceful, I take my cup of coffee and just go to it. It’s a great thing for me. I should do it mmore often! Have a great day, Cathy!!

  4. I’m so glad everything is okay!

    I hear you about the magazine clutter. Our house would be so much neater if *someone* could just throw them out. 🙂

  5. So glad everything turned out ok. My doctor told my I have fibrous breast tissue, hmmmm?

    So does Ralph ever read the magazines again? Throw those things out! Tell him I said so cause I am sure he’ll listen to a random blog commenter 🙂

    • Mare, the answer is No he doesn’t look at them again. Wants to keep them for photo reference for art work. I understand his reasoning, but we’ve already got so much stuff. I’ll give you his cell phone and you can nag him directly! 😉

  6. So glad it was all ok and in the end the most annoying thing was the magazine! I have far too much experience with booby stuff. I am a breast cancer survivor. All good now but I don’t wish the experience on anyone! I was getting nervous reading and so happy when I got to the dense part, phew!

  7. Weighting For 50

    So glad everything is ok Fran!!!! May you have a squeeze free day today.

  8. Glad you’re all good, squeezing aside! Great way to get some magazine reading in, if nothing else. And to find some great products, haha.

  9. Oh gosh, a booby buddy! Hilarious! I have cycstic breasts, meaning some tissue looks suspicious all the time. Mammos are such an experience!

  10. But it was all ok in the end wasn’t it…?
    That must have been frightening but reasssuring to know they’re looking properly at them.
    I can see the magazine thing would be a big thing, I think piles of them everywhere would drive me up the wall!

  11. Oh my goodness I am so sorry that everything turned out okay Fran!

  12. So glad everything is OK.

  13. Well I’m happy that you’re okay and yes, I hate the mammograms too. I think those machines were invented by a male doctor because no woman would design something that hurt so much. Here’s hoping that they invent something a little easier on our bodies and soon. Love your blogs

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