Short and Sweet on a Beautiful Day!

It’s one of those days…Saturday.  I have been planning things out so that I do my Saturday post on Friday afternoon then it’s all scheduled and I don’t have to worry about it Saturday Morning.  Not so this week, so this is truly going to be short and sweet.  And, No, Ele there’s nothing wrong…in fact I’ll be with you in a few  minutes so you’ll know I’m ok! 😉

Bright and early I was off to Weight Watchers.  I have felt really good about my tracking and my foods all week.  I was really trying hard.  I had So many salads I thought my hair would turn green!

It was all worth it.  I got on the scale and lost 3 pounds!! Could I be any happier?!  I don’t think so.  My plan now…keep at it.  In fact, when I finish here, I’ll be off with Ele to the produce market.  I’ve got to stay on track!

It’s amazing how good I feel when I know I’ve worked hard and I get the expected results.  I actually do feel physically better when I do what I should on WW.  I know that, but there are times it’s not always possible to do what’s necessary.  Life just gets in the way.  So I say…Just side step life and do what I know I have to!!

It is a truly gorgeous day out today.  Thank goodness since our air conditioning needs to be serviced and isn’t working.

I’m going to try to do something enjoyable today.  I hope all of you will be doing that as well! 

Happy Saturday!!  I’m giving the credit to all of the Spinach I ate this week!


12 responses to “Short and Sweet on a Beautiful Day!

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I don’t know how, but I managed to lose two pounds this week. The salad, maybe? I only had the one… 😉

    I have a date with the treadmill today. Other than that, probably some cleaning (yuck!) and some writing (yay!). Have a wonderful day, Fran!

  2. Great news on the weight loss! It is perfect weather here today so glad you are going to go out and enjoy it!

  3. I have a bag full of veggies and I’m happy, happy, happy!

  4. you did awesome this week! my little encourager…

    have a great time on this beautiful saturday. i’m looking forward to a little maggiano’s birthday dinner with my parents and EP. and possibly a little cuddling up + watching movies. 🙂 🙂

  5. congrats on your fine week, fran! it’s that magical big purple bowl, i know it is….well, ok, not really…but i do love that bowl! seriously, i am so glad your focus and planning paid off this week.
    hope you and ele had fun today! the sun JUST came out here about an hour ago…i bet we have a nice sunset!

  6. Yay for gorgeous days! I’m so happy for you and your progress Fran! Although my weight goal may be in the opposite direction, I think being able to reach personal goals is fantastic and definitely worthy of much praise :-)! Be sure to get lots of peaches ;).

    • Thanks, Cara! WW is a lifetime process and I firmly believe it is the backbone of my current good health. So glad I joined and reached my goal all those years ago! Makes it easier to handle a tiny bit of up and down!

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