…And Walk We Did

On Friday, I talked about my reason for participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  Now to share some of the fun from that Very Long Friday night.

Our team consisted of Carrie, my niece and our Team Captain, her Mom, Diann and partner Terri, my sister, Ele, my 9-year-old nephew Michael. Brian, Heather and baby Colette (Her first Relay!) joined us for a short time. Oh, yes, and Me!

Carrie starting set up.  Beautiful weather this year. Hooray!

Our banner for the team lap.  Yup, that’s Us…Elvis In The Attic!  Carrie made this.  She is incredibly talented!

Elvis always Relays with us!  (He looked pretty chilly in the middle of the night!) With Diann and Terri, or The Moms as we like to call them.

The theme this year was Holidays…we were celebrating Elvis’ birthday.  Ele and Michael with the Man of the Hour!

Diann working on party prep!

In anticipation of Colette’s first Relay, Carrie made Relay one-sies…Doesn’t every girl need a change of outfit?!

My Man Michael!  He was a HUGE help with everything, both set up and clean up.  What a Guy!!

Brian, Heather and the Queen of Everything…Colette Mary!

Ready for her Close up!  It was in the torrential downpour of last year’s Relay that we all learned that Colette was on the way!  This year she’s here for real!  Next year, we’ll have her doing Laps!!

Speaking of Laps…Carrie…of course, Carrie 😉 came up with the best idea to track our laps.

Lap counters.  You had to buy the “necklace” and then as you walked your laps, you picked up a bead to mark each.  Four purple and a pink indicates 1 mile.  It was a great idea and very popular! We raised some Cash! Lots of people were stopping at our campsite to grab that bead!

Mine shows 6 miles.  I should have done more.  Does wandering the parking lot looking for Ele’s car in the middle of the night count as a Lap?  I think it should! 😉

Closing in on daybreak…Terri, Diann and Ele!

In the background, daylight sneaks in…  Ele, Carrie and Michael.

The reason why we Relay…

The Luminaria that Michael made for his Mom, Mary.

Mary’s Luminaria lit…right in front of our campsite.

The Whole Dang Gang!  Elvis in the Attic!  That’s us…We walked and walked all night long.  Even though there were fewer participants this year due to other Relays in the area on different dates, the total of the money raised so far is over $66,000!!  Pretty amazing!  Thanks to all who donated and don’t forget you can still donate.  As we always say…We want a world with more Birthdays! 

So…Happy Birthday, Ele!!  There’s partying in your Future!

Happy Sunday!



8 responses to “…And Walk We Did

  1. The luminaria? Beautiful. Such a great organization and kudos to you for participating Fran. And that is one beautiful baby!

    Hope you are having a good weekend my friend.

    • Ameena, thanks so much! Hope your weekend is going well too. Finally, we have sunny skies!! Just makes me happy to think about it! I wish I had remembered to take a photo of the rows of luminaria. They’re so beautiful, but I forgot.Take care!

  2. WAY TO GO, fran!! hearty congrats to you and each member of your team. i love all the photos. walking all night is really something. i love the necklace idea, too. and i LOVE the elvis!! totally awesome.
    i realize the relay is very personal for you and your family, and i know it is very meaningful for you. hugs!
    happy sunday and enjoy your celebrations for ele’s bday!

  3. we walkso that other families will never suffer the losses that we have. We are one family, united in love…of our lost loved ones and each other. I am the most fortunate of women…these are just some of the pople that populate my life.

  4. I love the bead idea! Congrats to all of you. 🙂

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