Lap Of Love

This will be the third year that we all walk in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  Follow this link and you can help support the work that they do.

Last year I wrote about Why I Walk and then about our Walk In The Rain.

It looks as if the sun will be shining for us this year.  In our memories, the sun never stops shining.

My little squiggle…

Her piano recital…

With her Great-Grandmom…

In the Lap of Love

So much younger then…

Happy New Year…


Smiling…One, Two, Three…

Smiling…One of my favorites…Love the socks…

Smiling…Also one of my favorites…

His proudest Day With Her…My Favorite.

We lost my beautiful niece, Mary on May 21, 2007.  We walk the laps at the Relay for Life in hopes that others will not lose what we have lost.

Walk With Us.


18 responses to “Lap Of Love

  1. there are no words…perfect as always.

  2. oh, fran (and ele) i will so very much be thinking of you as you participate in the relay. huge hugs to you both. i am so very sorry for your loss – what a beautiful girl. fran, thanks for sharing the family photos. xoxo.

  3. Such a lovely smile. I will be with you all in spirit this weekend.

  4. I didn’t know! What a beautiful young woman to lose way too soon. And what a beautiful way to remember her and make a difference in the process. I’m glad you’ll have a sunny day, it makes it easier to remember those sunnier times rather than the bad, and the good memories of someone are the most important!

  5. She was such a beautiful girl, I wish I had known her, Thank you for giving us a glimpse of who she was. The loss is more universal than you know…for it’s because of wonderful, crazy and fun people like Mary that enrich our lives and make it fuller.

  6. beautiful photos, fran. I hope you’re all doing alright today. take care of each other… you’re such strong, amazing people. see you tonight.

  7. I’m sorry, Fran. She was beautiful. I’ll be thinking about you all tomorrow. *hugs*

  8. Oh Fran, what a beautiful post, such a lovely tribute xx
    Cancer’s so cruel and that phrase “In our memories, the sun never stops shining” and your last sentence are so lovely… lots of love and hope the sun does shine for you x

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