Who Wants The Plague on A Beautiful Day?

That’s just the way I feel.  It was ok to feel kind of yucky when the weather was yucky, but now that it’s beautiful out…I want to enjoy it!  However I’m still not feeling very good.  Can’t really place what it is…sort of a stomach thing…sort of an intestinal thing.  Just don’t feel well.

I’ve been trying to feel better with a lot of this…

Although mint tea is the best to settle my stomach, the teas have varied but the saltines are a constant.  It helps to a certain extent.

But then I get really hungry and I have this…

I got carried away and made a really HUGE salad.  The Dijon was almost empty so in order to clean it out well, I made the dressing in the mustard bottle.  Thought that was a good idea and it worked well.  It did keep me satisfied last night but I woke up all yucked up again.

By the time you read this I’ll be at Weight Watchers.  I may not be weighing in.  Since this has been such an off week with my eating (although I’ve tracked everything) I make take the easy way out and not weigh.  Since I’m Lifetime at Goal (actually under goal) I only have to weigh in the first meeting I attend in a month.  Since I did last week, I can just go to the meeting if I like.  It may depend on how I feel.  It kind of feels like cheating, but since it’s been a bad week… Lifetime status needs to have some advantages, right?!

So that’s the story at the moment.  Hopefully, by the time you hear from me again, I’ll be feeling better.  Boy, do I hope I’m feeling better… 🙂

Happy Saturday!


4 responses to “Who Wants The Plague on A Beautiful Day?

  1. argh! sorry to hear you are not back to 100% yet, fran! so frustrating!
    i am going to remember your idea of using the almost-empty bottle as the mixing container – great idea for getting the last drops of mustard or whatever!
    do take care today, rest up (read! watch law and order! drink tea!) and hopefully you’ll be back to normal very soon!

  2. Sorry you’re still not feeling well. Hope you start feeling better soon. 🙂

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