It’s All About The Look

It’s difficult to put out a lot of money to buy something, even when it’s something you need to conduct your daily life.  In my case, something that’s been part of my life since the age of 8 is eyeglasses.

It had been nearly 4 years since I’d had an eye exam.  I should have done it when I was still working and had vision coverage.  I didn’t do it.  Over the last few years it’s become increasingly difficult to see in general and hard to read in particular.  For me with my specific kind of nearsightedness, it had actually become easier to read Without my glasses on.  That meant however that the book, newspaper or do-dad had to be about 3 inches from my nose.  Not a pretty sight.

I decided it was time.  I went for the exam.  My question regarding the exam is why the heck do they put the drops in your eyes Before the exam.  Your eyes are all fuzzy and then they say “Which is better…One or Two…Two or Three…Three or Four?”  You JUST put drops in my eyes!  Regardless of this I have to admit I must have gotten the best exam ever because I’ve never seen so well with such clarity both close up and at a distance EVER!

Oh I guess you want to see my glasses, right?  It was tricky to explain to Ralph how I wanted the photo.  In the end I decided I didnt’ like any of them. I’ll have to work on it.  But never fear.

Ele, Kristen and I decided to go out for coffee last night, just to catch up.  We always have the best time and this was no different.  Lots of talk about books and boys and life.

I was proud of myself…Just Coffee…I won’t mention about the other ladies. 😉

Now the unveiling…

Kristen, Ele and Me!  Not a good shot because Ele looks sleepy.  Let’s try again…

I’m still not good at the old self photo, but I keep trying…doesn’t that count?!

I like my new glasses.  I think I look very studious.  AND I CAN SEE!!  Excellent.  Worth the money?  As long as I’ve been wearing glasses, I’ve never thought they were worth the money and this is the Most I’ve ever spent.  But Boy do they work well.  I’ll have to skimp somewhere else.

Think I’ll go read a book, because I can actually see it now!!

Happy Thursday!





18 responses to “It’s All About The Look

  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW GLASSES, fran!!! you look just wonderful. both the shape and the dark frames look very good on you! i bet you’ll double your reading speed now because you can see so clearly, you will just want to read and read!
    love the self-portraits, too. glad you got out for a visit with ele and kristen – the perfect way to introduce your new look to the world!
    i have worn glasses since grade 4 but switched to contacts in grade 10…so i totally understand being nearsighted!

    • Cathy, I’ve tried contacts several times and they just didn’t work for me. I toughed it out both times for quite a while, but glasses just work better for me. Ele, Kristen and I have so much fun when we get together.

  2. I think that you look gorgeous as usual! Maybe someday, I’ll be happy with a picture of me! But you, on the other hand, look marvelous!

  3. Woohoo! LOVE the new frames, they suit you well, and look modern and fun! Plus, yeah, that whole vision thing is pretty nice! It’s definitely worth the cost to get the right prescrip and the right frames. I wear glasses on a daily basis, but I sometimes go without when I want to look (but definitely not SEE) fancy–and then I put my glasses back on and remember that trees have individual leaves and aren’t just large green fuzzy things 🙂

    • You’re too funny, Allie! Glad you like them. I really do. I had about 30 seconds of buyers remorse when I first put them on, but then I fell in love with them. It was confirmed when I walked in the door of the local corner market and from the front door, I could read the tiny print on the cold cut signs on the back wall! Amazing!

  4. Happy Thursday!

    I love them! The shape and color really complement your face. 🙂

  5. Very nice! My new glasses were over $600! With insurance, I’m paying about $200, so that helps, but YOWZA! They are a huge investment, but you’re right…to be able to SEE is worth alot.

  6. You looks so cute!!!! Also, just fyi (I think the promotion is still going on) you can get a free pair of glasses from The first pair is free! I got some and I just had to pay shipping (which was only $10.) My boyfriend’s prescription was weird though, so I think his were more. Anyways, it’s worth a shot!

    Happy Thursday, fran!

  7. I think those glasses are great (they’re similar to mine…I also have rectangularish black frames!). Since I wear contacts, I end up having to go back every year…and I just laugh at the eye exam because I just want to say, “You know I can’t see anything!”

    • No one who doesn’t where glasses or with a light prescription can appreciate the foolishness of the exam. They always say look at the wall. I always say…What Wall. I don’t think the person giving the exam ever appreciates the humor of that. So We’re Twinsies, huh?!

  8. Weighting For 50

    I LOVE your new glasses fran. You look HOT!!!! Have a great Friday.

  9. valerie andruss

    Yowza indeed! Getting older sucks. But there’s a lot to be said for being able to see. And the new glasses are terrific – they make you look exactly like yourself 🙂

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