X Markx The Spot

Now the Blogging A to Z Challenge is getting tricky for me.  Today’s letter is X.  I’ve been thinking about X since around “M” trying to come up with something.  If I had approached the challenge from a different angle, I could look up some good “X” words in the dictionary.  Yes, I still have an actual, physical dictionary.  I could make up some clever words like some other bloggers.  I could talk about XBox like some other, other bloggers.  I’m not totally sure what XBox is so that leaves me dangling as well.

So, What to do with “X”??  How about “X Marks the Spot”?  We’ve all heard it for years in cartoons and Pirate movies.  That’s where the Treasure is hidden.

On Facebook, I’m part of the New Mexico Fan Page.  It’s not a great honor of any sort.  You just have to click “Like” to be part of it.  But they’ve been having wonderful little Facebook-like photos that you can share.  You share the photo and it points to your profile picture saying…


I love this.  It makes me feel a little closer to the place I love and the place I want to be.  The place where the treasure is buried.


I could have written about X-Files, too.  Actually, Mulder and Scully hung around in New Mexico for a while…that could have worked!  Oh well, I’m stuck with X Markx The Spot!

Happy Friday!!  Tell me again “Y” I’m doing this?!  Maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow!!


14 responses to “X Markx The Spot

  1. New Mexico is so pretty. We went there last year and really loved it.

  2. I’m sure Michael would be glad to explain to you what an XBox is. But while he’s doing it he will probably give you that “Mary” look like “Aunt Fran! How could you be so stupid!” You could have used “Xample” because you are an “Xcelent” “Xample” of the best sister ever!

  3. haha, i love your Y pun, fran – thanks for the smile!
    and a very creative X entry!! i am glad you talked about new mexico and showed photos…X-cept that i really really want to go there RIGHT NOW!
    X was a tough one for me, too – i had to plan about it last week!
    never played an xbox and didn’t like the x-files so had to rule out those options!
    have a great friday!!! 🙂

  4. I think this is inspired. You’ve done a great job with the challenge!
    Two more to go…Hang in there!

  5. Creative post! New Mexico looks breathtaking. I hope someday to take a trip out that way. 🙂

  6. I loved Xfiles and especially those episodes in NM! Yep, X is tricky. But you did a good job and I like your Y as well. I’m writing a crazy Z day!

  7. I totally thought you were going to do the X-Files!

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