U is for Under

U is the letter of the day for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. U is not a letter I think of often.  Under is a word that sounds good to me.  The Troll Under the Bridge.  Scary fairy tale things.  What’s under that?  A question I remember asking  often as a child.  As in “Whats under that Rock?”  Usually it was something disgusting and therefore fascinating.

Under the weather.  We’ve all experienced that.  My middle finger on my left hand is Under the weather today.  It’s as the result of a vegetable related accident.  I was cutting lettuce…defying all rules because we’re never supposed to cut lettuce (I always cut lettuce.)  The problem arose because I was in a hurry.  Large wide head of lettuce. Short knife.  This scenario requires squeezing together of the lettuce which obscured the fingers and oh yes…I was in a Hurry!  It wasn’t even a very sharp knife.

Lots of blood…paper towel…band-aid with extra toilet tissue padding “under” it because this baby was Bleeding! Had to do a rewrap after washing dishes (with rubber gloves.)  Must have been the combo of the heat and my hand hanging down.  Bloody all over again.  I kept my hand elevated all the rest of the evening.  I’m not looking forward to removing the bandaid.   I’m sure it’s not pretty “under” there.

Anyway, my typing skills are not up to their usual speed and dexterity this morning.  But on we go…

Understand…Underwear…I don’t understand why my underwear gets holes so easily…I don’t wear flimsy, girly underwear.  I also can’t understand why I have such a hard time throwing away my underwear when it gets in this condition.  I put it in the hamper and say “I’ll wear it one more time.”  It goes through the wash, gets folded in the drawer, I wear it and it ends up going into the hamper “ONE MORE TIME.” Over and over.  You’ve heard me say before that I have a had time getting rid of things.

Understand…that would be a great word to explore on a regular basis.  Things I don’t understand. I could fill the Grand Canyon with things I don’t understand. But one of the things I have learned in life is to not pretend I understand something when I don’t.   If someone uses a word I don’t understand, I’ll ask what it means.  I think that’s a sign of intelligence.  At least I hope it is!

Understand.  I don’t Understand why I’m making more typing errors with my uninjured hand?!?

Better give my poor Under the Weather finger some rest.  Please, don’t anyone be offended if you see me with “that” finger in the air today.  I know you all Understand…

Happy Tuesday! It should be “V”ery easy for you to guess what I’ll talk about tomorrow!


14 responses to “U is for Under

  1. “Usually it was something disgusting and therefore fascinating.” -> yes!!! i am thinking back to childhood and NOTHING is as exciting as something that gives a huge EWWWW reaction and therefore lots of giggling!!
    oh, i am sorry about your finger! bizarre how a cut to such a small body part just gushes blood, eh. (i cut lettuce, too, haphazardly. thank you for the reminder to slow down). i guess this is a sign to not do any packing of large, heavy boxes today but instead, work on your desk area?! (just trying to help, haha!).
    underwear – i do the same thing!! “i’ll wear it one more time and toss it.” my night-time undies are frightfully hole-y! maybe when you move you will toss them!

  2. Ouch!
    Underwear only just gets broken in when you can start reading the newspaper through it. Although I don’t know why you’d do that…But you get my drift…

  3. I cut my fingers like that all the time because I’m always in such a hurry when I cook. My latest injury wasn’t from a knife but happened because I was throwing trash away–in a hurry, as usual–and I cut my hand on a soup can lid that was waiting for me in the trash can. It bled forever and still isn’t completely healed. (I cut it last Saturday.) Thankfully, it’s on my pinky finger, so I’m not having too much trouble typing.

    Hope your finger heals quickly!

  4. I always cut my lettuce! It tastes better that way. I swear. Plus then you don’t get the awkwardly large pieces that you either have to try to fold up on your fork or just cram in your mouth when you hope no one is looking.

    Glad I’m not the only one who does the “just one more time” thing with grungy old underwear. I mean, no one sees them, so putting off throwing them out for a week (that extends into months) won’t hurt, riiiight?

  5. Oh that’s hilarious about the underwear. Sorry about your finger!!

  6. So glad that so many people are secret knicker recyclers!!! Also fellow lettuce cutters! Hope the finger heals quickly 🙂

  7. Ooh, sorry about the finger. I know that feeling of shock when you cut yourself when you’re cutting.
    I actually have had similar underwear situations…(I can’t believe I just said that..)

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