Q Is For Question, Maybe?

I am participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge and I’m enjoying it.  However I’m learning my limitations.  I admit I’m not perfect.  So the Q today is for Question.  And the question is…What The Heck Happened To “Q” Yesterday?!?!  The answer is…I Don’t Know!  I’ll allow my excuse to be the fact that I was so excited about getting to R for Ralph that I jumped the gun, you should excuse the expression.

Anyway, I’m here today with Q and not totally sure where to go with it.  Since I got to read other A to Z bloggers posts yesterday, I must share one thing with you from my new-found friend Jayne over at Ach du Lieber, Jayne!  New found friend thanks to the A to Z Challenge!  She’s been having fun with words, a Lot of fun.  After realizing my alphabetical faux pas, I was reading her post and found a word that perfectly described me.

Quasidodo       [kwaz-ee-doh-doh] Noun 1.  Someone who resembles an idiot, but may or may not actually be one. “Doug’s ridiculous antics and chronic stupidity made Sheila’s uncle wonder why she would be interested in such a quasidodo, when she could have her pick of (complete dodos) successful men in town. ”

After telling Ralph about my mistake and Jayne’s word, we of course spent the day saying we were “quasidodos” and smacking our foreheads with our palms.  Thanks, Jayne for keeping the old people amused! 😉

But I do have Questions.

1. Why do I have all of this stuff in my house?  I spent yesterday working dutifully on my Kickstart.  Part of my “stuff” is actually someone else’s stuff which I inherited.  Within that stuff is stuff I really need to send to other people so it can be Their stuff.  I got 3 sets of stuff gathered together to be mailed out.  Just have to get the envelopes and get them to the Post Office.  Good for Me!

2. Why did opening one box give me so much extra work?  There was an even bigger project awaiting me in that box.  It contained many, many photos that I’m now having to sort.  The alumni from the college I attended (Glassboro State College, now Rowan University) is putting together photos from productions (I was a theatre major) we had done.  I found a treasure trove among my souvenirs.  I’ve come up with a fairly clever way of handling them.  I’ll post photos when I’m finished.

3. Do I really have to Keep all of this other stuff that wasn’t mine?  This is a frustrating and sometimes heart breaking decision.  I can’t keep everything so what do I keep?  That’s why this box has been sitting here so long.  To add to the frustration there are quite a few more boxes like this at my sister Ele’s house with all of the boxes that came from my old storage unit. Heavy Sigh.  I’ll have to figure it out.

4. Where’s Harry Potter when I need him?  Sweet little Harry could just wave his magic wand and all of this would be taken care of.  Or even Mrs. Weasley…SHE’D  know what to do.  She’d have this place whipped into shape in no time.  I need a magic wand or a Mrs. Weasley.  Anyone have one I can borrow?

5. What happened to the letter “Q’?  I still have a lot of questions and haven’t answered that one!  Maybe I need to ask questions more often here at BCDC.  Maybe I’d come up with some answers!

I’ll be back on track tomorrow!  “S”omething good will happen!

Happy Friday!  Quasidodo signing off!!




18 responses to “Q Is For Question, Maybe?

  1. this is a great post, fran! quasidodo is just so fun to say!! i am glad you had fun with that silly word yesterday – laughing is good amidst the cleaning and organizing!
    yes, wouldn’t magic wands be wonderful! but it sounds like you really devoted yourself to your tasks yesterday – i hope you can RELAX today!

  2. Wow! If it makes you happy, your K for Kickstart got me going (that plus the fact that Kojak is now on MeTV and if I’m a good girl and work for an hour I can watch an hour of Kojak that I have DVR’d). Since I am your sister and have a shared heritage I understand the problem of other people’s stuff! I especially love those who complain about other people’s stuff in my basement but have left their things there ,too! Although I have no problem with Brian leaving his hockey gear there. It was my safeguard for an icy winter! And if you can get in touch with Mrs. Weasley please send her to my house when you are finished with her. While she is cleaning and doing the dishes and the yard work she can also finish the neck on my sweater and start one for Michael!!!

  3. Ha! It’s ok to make mistakes! I love how you turned today’s post into an explanation of yesterday’s. Good luck with all your STUFF!

  4. Your enthusiasm is nothing short of entertaining! Great post. As ever. 😉

  5. Glad you liked Quasidodo, Fran! Thanks for the shout and glad you’re back on track today. Well, tomorrow, for sure…
    : )

  6. What a fun word! And when it comes to sentimental stuff that you don’t know what to do with–just remember that its the memories and not the things that are important! Getting rid of the extra is hard, but it’s easier to remember that fewer things don’t mean fewer memories or fewer loved ones!

  7. What a great word! I fear that I am a quasidodo more often than I want to admit!

    I have too much stuff in my house, too. I’m way too sentimental about just about everything.

  8. Glad to see you got back to Q! Wish I could answer your questions..but, alas, I can’t! And I have questions of my own (how do I get all this stuff organized?)

  9. Quasidodo! That is a great word! Wow!

    Good luck with deciding what to do with all the stuff!

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