P is for Private Party Plus What I Ate Wednesday.

The Blogging A to Z Challenge letter of the day is P.  This is also What I Ate Wednesday sponsored by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.

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So my “P” for today is Private Party.  You’ve already seen several birthday celebrations for Ralph.  Sunday was his actual birthday.  Yes, he IS a tax day baby.  Luckily our taxes were all tidied up weeks ago.  For once, we got something done ahead of time! 😉

I decided that I wanted to take him some place special.  I was looking for a brunch somewhere but then I remembered the Riverwinds Restaurant.  We’ve been there several times before and always enjoyed it.  Best part was…it’s only  5 minutes from our house.

I should have taken a photo of the view of Philadelphia, but because of where our table was, I couldn’t get a good angle.  So I’ll show you a handsome man with his lunch…

He had an Angus cheeseburger on a brioche roll.  He said it was really delicious.

There aren’t a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu at Riverwinds, but when I’ve been there in the past I’ve always had good luck with the pasta primavera.

You can have it with either a red sauce or white sauce.  I chose the white sauce and it tasted as if it was made with wine.  I’ve had pasta primavera in a lot of places but I have Never had it prepared better.  I even said to Ralph that the chef couldn’t have made it better if he tried.  I was Very satisfied.  Yum.

Me and Ralph after our lovely lunch.  I was very happy that we did this and I must tell you how reasonable it was.

We’ didn’t have dessert at Riverwinds because I had something else on my mind.  Where else but Ice Cream Kids.  Yes, it’s actually within walking distance so we are there quite often.  We don’t walk…perhaps we should! 😉

We had picked up sister Ele before going.  That’s her creamscicle ice cream in the rear and my key lime pie in the front.  This was delicious!

The Birthday Boy with his vanilla cone.  We had a great day!

So that’s a little insight into our private party.  I think it was a great choice for the letter “P”.

I usually have a lot more food for WIAW but I think my primavera certainly covered the mission of extra veggies.

Thanks for joining me here today.  Be sure to check out the Blogging A to Z site and Peas & Crayons to check out WIAW.  Do some reading, leave some comments.

Happy WIAW!  I’m going to have to think “Q”uick to come up with something for tomorrow!

Riverwinds Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Ice Cream Kids on Urbanspoon


26 responses to “P is for Private Party Plus What I Ate Wednesday.

  1. wonderful photos, fran! ralph does look very dapper for his bday celebration with you! and i really like the photo that shows that huge fireplace/stonework at the riverwinds – lovely.
    glad you both enjoyed your meal choices, and ice cream is the perfect way to finish off!

  2. I love Riverwinds! I have a few coupons I can send your way 🙂 My brother sold them the piano in the lobby 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great birthday celebration! I love the picture of the two of you. And I’m craving key lime ice cream now…..

  4. Cute couple picture! And heck, who needs options when you can get that pasta? It looks amazing with all those veggies!

  5. That bowl of pasta primavera looks phenomenal!

  6. How perfect is it that your entree also starts with “P”? Hahaha 🙂 that dish looks fantastic!

  7. Wonderful pictures! That pasta primavera looks delicious. 🙂

  8. What a great bday celebration!

  9. your pasta primavera sure does look delicious!! cant believe how many vegetables they pack on there! I have never seen it on a menu over here in Austria, maybe I didnt look well enough!
    and I must say, would also have chosen the vanilla cone 🙂
    happy WIAW!

  10. I’ve never seen key lime ice cream before but it sounds really yummy!

  11. What a wonderful and tasty way to celebrate a birthday. I love the picture with you and your husband.

  12. Happy Birthday to Ralph, looks like a lovely lunch! Your pasta dish looked really good and loaded with veggies on top.

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