Organize Me, Please!

In the Blogging A to Z Challenge, the letter for the day is O. I have to admit that yesterday afternoon I was straining my brain to come up with an “O” word.  Then like the frisbee that keeps getting closer and closer…It Hit Me!

Organize.  Now to some people, I won’t name names but…Organize is a dirty word both figuratively and literally.  But then I remembered “K” and my Kickstart.

I didn’t forget about it, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to add it into the Challenge.  I’ve been loving the Challenge, but I want to try to keep the flavor of BCDC in tact as I progress through it.  I think I’ve been doing Ok so far.  I promised an update on Kickstart and I’m taking responsibility for that.

I actually started last Thursday after posting about it.  I promised photos when possible.

This disastrous pile of “stuff” ( to be as polite about this as Possible…)

Turned into this far more orderly collection…

Far neater and awaiting a permanent home, but I know what is where and can find things if I need to.  The box of books is destined for my yard sale in June and yes the floor could use a vacuum but you see, I couldn’t even Tell that before!  My shredder receptacle is Full because of everything I sorted through and got rid of.

This past weekend was filled with birthday celebrations so I didn’t get to my project per day which is why I said I wouldn’t start it until Monday.  Monday’s project was full of paperwork.  Filling out and copying lots of insurance-y type forms and getting them mailed out.  (Then remembering in the middle of the night that I forgot to put Attn: Person to Whose Attention It Goes on the front of one of the envelopes! 😦  That’s Ok, it’s only the copy I’m sending to Ralph’s former employers.  I can call to see it was received by the right person and resend the copies if necessary.  (Luckily I made an extra copy!)

Today is Haircut day (Hallelujah!!) and then more paperwork.  But I’m accomplishing something every day.  I try to have a plan at least a day ahead which is good.  Then I can feel very dejected if I don’t get it done.  I should be charting on my calender what I do each day so if I feel like I haven’t done anything, I won’t forget what I’ve done.  Oh…I thought that’s what BCDC was for… 😉

As I type this, I look at my desk and think that perhaps It should be the next recipient of Operation Kickstart attention.  Hey!  There we go…Another “O”!

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress as I’ve said.

AND  Monday was free iced coffee day!  What could be bad about that?!

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s see what “P” culiar things I can come up with Tomorrow!!



18 responses to “Organize Me, Please!

  1. The way you have that iced coffee balanced on the steering wheel is inspired! Lovely post, as usual!!

  2. enjoy your hair appointment, fran! that will be a relaxing break in your day. free iced coffee? zowie!! that is great!
    good for you for getting that paperwork organized – i love seeing the before and after pics – the after is wayyyyy better, for sure! i like your idea of charting your progress on your calendar, and of setting daily goals.
    have to confess, i love organizing…wish i could pop over and help – my fingers are itching to make you file folders and labels – haha!

  3. Happy Tuesday!

    I really, really need to organize this house. I’m so sentimental, though, and have such trouble getting rid of things. My sister, on the other hand, loves organizing and has nary a sentimental bone in her body. Maybe I should invite her over…

    • Dana, the two of you need to join forces. I have trouble for the same reason. However, I’m realizing that the sooner this stuff is out of here the sooner I get to move to New Mexico. That’s an incentive if there ever was one!

  4. I have to agree with Jayne- I’m kind of awed by the balancing of the glass on the steering wheel. I’d have been having a heart attack worrying that moving the camera in position would bump it and I’d have a lap full of free iced coffee.

  5. Happy Tuesday to you, too! 🙂
    Hehe, my desk used to look that messy when we first moved. I always wanted to clean it but kept putting it off. But finally I did and it felt so good to have a nice clean desk! 🙂 Now, I try to keep my room clean all the time and randomly clean it throughout the day.
    Good luck! 🙂

  6. Gotta admit–I’m a bit odd and I LOVE organizing. I wanted to be a professional organizer for a long time, but then couldn’t decide if that was a real job or not (or how you’d get in to the business). I still get made fun of for being an anti-hoarder, I’d probably just throw away everything I own if people weren’t around to stop me 🙂 It would leave extra room in my house for iced coffee…

  7. those photographs look like they could have been taken in my home office. But it’s my mess and I mostly understand the organization of it. However, I can always stand more organization. Neat organization.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  8. This post looks like my day yesterday (and will be my today also) I am moving my books and papers from one room to another….who knew I could accumulate so many things?!

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