K is for Kickstart

K is the order of the day for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  That sort of rhymes and therefore haunts me.  I have chosen Kickstart for the letter K.  I think it is probably two words but for my purposes today, we’ll keep it as one.

Kickstart is what I need to do to myself.  I need to get myself going with many things in my life.  I said that the idea of a rhyme haunted me.  I am a poet but I have not written anything in a very long time.  So long that perhaps I can’t even call myself a poet any longer.  Maybe I just figured out what the letter “P” will be.  Ok, another rhyme, I didn’t do that on purpose.  Perhaps this is a sign.

The real Kickstart I wanted to talk about was getting our house cleaned out and organized in an effort to actually make our move to New Mexico.  I know I talk about it all the time, but I’m dragging my feet.  Probably because Ralph is dragging his feet and it’s becoming contagious.

I don’t like that at all.  I’ve decided that starting on Monday, I’m going to state to all of you one project that I’ve accomplished the previous day toward that goal.  Owning up to what I do with food here on BCDC has helped me.  Perhaps if I use BCDC as a forum (confessional?) it will get me going and keep me going on this project as well.

I actually hope to accomplish some things over the weekend, so that will allow me to start off Monday with something to share with you.  I also need to figure out how I’ll share the info with you each day.  Do you need a photo every day?  Maybe a before and after?  The way things are right now, I’m not sure if one project will even allow you to tell the before from the after!

Regardless…that is my mission.  I’ve failed miserably in most of my January 1 Missions.  Reading is the only one I’ve kept up with.  I hit book 24 for the year yesterday!  Goodreads counts it as 25 because I was reading one on the first of January, but when I complete the current book, it will be 25 which was my goal for the Goodreads challenge.  I’m going to keep going just to see how far I can go.  I’m excited about that.

But back to Kickstart.  I like this idea and I plan to stick with it.  It may not be a big project each day, but it will be a project.  If I don’t do this, how will I ever get to wake up to this each morning?

Talk about incentive!

Happy Thursday!! I’m “L”ooking forward to tomorrow!


26 responses to “K is for Kickstart

  1. oh, that is a gorgeous photo, fran! um, yup, that would motivate me (oh how i wish a canadian could live in new mexico legally!!).
    i like your plan of accountability. i also like the idea of the before and after photos…but that is more work for you (and a possible diversion – no! stay on target!!). even just stating your goal and then saying if you had success or not would be fun to read!
    i hear you on using the blog for accountability. if not for my kikiproject with gum and diet coke, i would TOTALLY have ditched those plans or cheated big time!
    i am LOOKING FORWARD to seeing what you do for L tomorrow!

  2. I love before and after photos so do that. It’s funny because usually if Glenn is really motivated I’ll be lazy and if I know he’s being lazy about something I know I need to pick up the slack. Two lazy people just won’t do, nothing gets done 🙂 I needed a kickstart today too, that’s why I went to bed before 9 last night.

  3. This is Marie by the way, still trying to work out all the wordpress kinks.

  4. I admire your ambition. I’m moving 7 miles away in 2 weeks and haven’t packed a thing. You’re moving to another state!!
    My ‘K’ should have been ‘kick in the a$$’…
    Good luck, Fran. Anxious to watch the transformation!

  5. What beautiful scenery you have to look forward to! Best of luck to you – can’t wait to see your new digs.

  6. I really hate doing chores like this. I’m thinking of moving quite soon and I’m dreading the sorting out/packing side of it even though I only rent a room, so I don’t even have that much stuff.

  7. You can do it! Public accountability or no, you’ll reach your goals. Just don’t sit down and play Plants vs Zombies. That will suck your whole weekend away.

  8. Awesome photo. I want to go back to the desert. Maybe I can plan a trip out to New Mexico next spring. This one is out of the question.

  9. That’s a lot of books! As a student, I often wish I had more time for leisure reading. It seems like we never finish a book in class.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  10. Good luck with reaching your goals!

    Dana, stopping by via the A to Z Challenge

  11. Love the light in that photo…so beautiful and atmospheric. I need a kickstart too! Getting started is always the hardest part. Congrats on 25 BOOKS! Awesome!

  12. it is tough to get motivated when the other family members aren’t. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got a rope tied around them and I’m dragging them out the door! I love to organize and use it to soothe myself when things are going wonky. We’ve moved several times (from SF to Chicago, from Chicago to the suburbs then from there to Arkansas) and each time I was in charge and did most of the packing (I was home with my daughter then). It helps to start with one box and one trashcan. Into the trash goes what you don’t need, into the box goes what you won’t need until after and still there is what you will need every day or at least once a week. After a while you have a stack of boxes that can go to the garage or storage locker. Good luck!

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