H is for Home

Welcome back Blogging A to Z!!  I enjoyed a break from having to come up with a theme letter.  A blogging friend commented that I still blogged when I could have had the day off!  I needed to get rid of some of these darned food pictures!

H is for Home.

Home has always been very important to me.  I grew up in a warm and loving home.  I always felt like I had two homes because Gram and Pop lived in the house right behind us and we were there as much as we were in our own home.  One was really just an extension of the other.  A wonderful thing to experience.

I currently live in the house where my parents and sister lived when I was born.  I often refer to it as my Grandparents house but that’s just because they lived here before me.  Life is a circle, especially in our family.

You’ve heard me mention lately that I’m going through a lot of things, sorting and packing for our move to New Mexico (it’s hard to type with my fingers crossed!)  What I’ve found are some wonderful old photos of this house as it used to be.  Not that it’s in great shape now, but from these photos, I think I feel a little better!

This is my house! More than sixty years ago, I would estimate.  You can see the addition being put on the back.  Unfortunately the front porch is gone, it became part of my living room.  Interesting that the front door you see here is currently my front door.  My family grew up in the depression…we didn’t waste anything!

That’s Mom supervising the digging of the basement before the addition went up. Not sure who that is in the white shirt, looks too bulky to be my Dad, but that’s definitely my Uncle Andrew, Gram’s brother in the cap.  Yes, they dug a basement under the existing house and the addition.  My basement is literally as big as the house.  I could build an apartment down there!

Mom resting from her supervisory duties while the addition is in progress.  Again, Uncle Andrew is there.  He was always building something.  He lived in the house across the street.

Yes, that’s the fuel for all of this heavy lifting.  We were always a family that likes to keep track of its drinking.

I don’t have any photos of the finished product, but this has always been one of my favorite photos.

That’s Mom and sister Ele in the front window.  As you can see, there’s no longer a porch.  The entrance is on the side of the house now.  I think I’m actually in this photo too, because I think Mom was expecting me when this was taken! Can you see me waving?!

So that’s my little house.  It’s a little worse for wear now.  From what I know it was originally built in 1920, so it’s allowed to be a little worn at the edges.  I love it anyway.

I am however very much looking forward to living in this little beauty…

My own little mountain top home!  I can’t wait.  Can’t wait to fix it up and make it a home for Ralph and Me.





10 responses to “H is for Home

  1. Those old photos are amazing. I love looking at old photographs and imagining life back then.

  2. I can’t believe how clear your photos are, fran! That scanner is doing a good job!
    I love how your grandparents were so close by – mine lived 5 minutes away and it was great to be so close.
    Also, it is so neat that you are still in your family home. Isn’t it great that someone thought to take photos all those years ago.
    Please keep us updated on new mexico!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! Glad you like the photos, I was excited to to find them. We’ll be visiting NM at the end of the summer some time. Go on my tag “Enchanted Days” and you’ll see about our trip last Fall! It was just so special to have my grandparents so close by.

  3. Weighting For 50

    OH Fran, I LOVE the old photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  4. What a great post, Fran. How wonderful that you have those photos to share and that you have been able to have homes that you love and that have meaning for you!

  5. What wonderful old photos. I’m struck by how joyful your life seems from your blog. I’m glas I stopped by from the A to Z Challenge 🙂

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