Early Easter Birthday

Those of you expecting to find me Blogging A to Z today will notice that there’s a break.  It’s planned.  In order to spread the letter through the entire month we have Sundays off! So BCDC has a chance to get back to normal today.

First of all Happy Easter!  Our friend Jim from Washington, D.C. is visiting for the Holiday and we’re all excited.  But due to Jim’s schedule, it worked out better for us to have our Holiday meal on Saturday.  We’re also celebrating Jim’s birthday a little late (he’s a February baby) and Ralph’s birthday early (his is next week.)

As always, my contribution was a Really Big Salad!  This was indeed a huge one and I was glad that my sister Ele was using the dishes with the big bowls!  I filled up on salad before anything else.

My plate consisted of sour cauliflower (one of Gram’s recipes), cole slaw (also one of Gram’s-a really good batch by the way) peas (thank goodness-this plate needed some color!) and that for which I wait…always…Ele’s Mac n’ Cheese.  It is so good…the best I’ve ever had in fact. I really need to make it myself sometime and post the recipe.  Maybe soon… 😉

Two birthday cakes…

Two Birthday Boys…Ralph and Jim…I love this picture!

Open Wide!

Ralph looks funny because he was trying not to laugh.

My portion.  It was Ele’s homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing.  Could I resist it?!  I don’t think so.  Well worth the calories!  We also had another little treat after this, but I’m saving that for another letter coming soon to a blog near You!

I wanted to share a beautiful photo that Ralph took earlier in the week.

I thought it was amazing and wanted to share it.

Wishing you all a Happy and a Blessed Easter Sunday!


10 responses to “Early Easter Birthday

  1. happy easter, fran!
    thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! that last one could be on a postcard or something – the scene is so tranquil.
    happy late and early bdays to the guys! i love the two cakes. and ele’s mac and cheese and cake both sound and look delicious. i bet it was fun to socialize all together, too.
    our family is very easy about choosing alternate celebration dates, too. for example, last year we celebrated easter in may as that is when we could all be together!

    • Thanks, Cathy!I just loved that photo. Ralph stopped the car especially to take it and I just had to share it. We’re doing some more celebrating today and then More celebrating next weekend for Ralph’a birthday!

  2. Bettysue Long

    I definitely think you should post Ele’s Mac ‘N Cheese Recipe.It looks delicious.I would love to have it.Also, did Ralph take that picture in National Park? Where exactly if it was? I love seeing pictures of National Park as it brings back memories of my childhoodl.Happy Easter to you guys.We’re heading to Cape Coral to enjoy a nice Easter Dinner and go swimming with our N.J. Friends.Four of us are all from N.J. and retired from Verizon:)))

    • Hi Bettysue!! Happy Easter to you and Mark! That picture was taken in the parking lot of the Gateway Diner in Westville facing the second Brooklawn Circle. I promise, I’ll post the mac n’ cheese recipe soon!! Hugs and I Miss You!!

  3. Happy Easter. I’ve never heard of “sour cauliflower” so I’m definitely intrigued.
    That tree picture is beautiful!

  4. Such cute cakes…love the picture of the birthday boys.

    Hope you are having a great Easter weekend! I”m so sorry to be leaving your part of the country but I’m at JFK heading back West. 😦

  5. Happy Easter!!! I’m laughing that you decided to post on your day off. I am so overwhelmed with the challenge that I’m thrilled to have a day off and actually have time to read a few blogs!

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