F is for Family

How could it be for anything else?  As the Blogging A to Z Challenge train chugs on we have come to F.  At first I wasn’t sure what to write about.  Fruit…yes, fruit would be good. Me…Well, Fran, yes, but who wants to hear about me.  You hear about me All The Time.

So Family it is. You heard about my sister, Ele yesterday.  I’m glad that so many of you enjoyed that post.  I enjoyed writing it.

I’m writing this post by way of photos I’ve recently found and by the fact that my wonderful Ralph bought me a new printer/scanner that allows me to share them with you.  As I go through boxes, sorting and packing for our move to New Mexico, I keep finding wonderful things.

I love this photo!  It looks like it should be out of a 1930’s movie.  Left to right, my Uncle Joe, Gram, Pop and my Mom.  Pop looks so serious but that was not him at all when I knew him.  My Uncle went into the Air Force and served in the Korean War.  He stayed in the service for many years, traveled around and settled in California.  We didn’t see him or his family very often, unfortunately. He’s gone now as is his wife, our beautiful Aunt Bette. But through the magic of Facebook, Ele and I have been able to reunite with our cousins Kim and Lisa who both life in Northern California where Uncle Joe settled the family after retiring from the Air Force. It’s so great to feel that connection with them.

This is Ele, Dad, Mom and Me.  The back of the photo says January 1960.  Ele would be almost 12 and I would be almost 10.  This was taken in Gram’s “front room” as it was always called.  I have that bookcase in my living room. You can just see the corner of the old Victrola on the right .That’s in Ele’s dining room.  Not sure what happened to Mom’s hat.  Perhaps it’s for the best. 😉

This one is oddly shaped because it used to live in one of those multi photo frames which has since disintegrated. You know everyone by now. The back of the photo puts this as Christmas 1973 at Ele’s apartment at the time.  I was into head scarfs and Ele into smocks.  Wish it were clearer, but we all look happy and that’s why I like it.

This last photos is one of my favorites.

This is Pop and Me in front of the house where I live now.  Pop was only five feet tall.  I would always tease him by coming up behind him and resting my chin on the top of his head.  He would good-naturedly swat me away and laugh and then hug me.  He was a great guy and will always be one of my favorite people.  I miss him a lot.  In the background, those of you who read BCDC on a regular basis might recognize the houses from my many sunset pictures.  The neighborhood hasn’t changed that much.

If you’re interested in more old family photos, and they are interesting, Ele has a huge plastic tub filled with them.  Now that I have scanning capabilities again, I may bore you with some more.  Actually, there are many hysterical photos of Ele and Me growing up, in costumes, in bathing suits.  No…wait…I don’t want to scare you all away! 😉

Go hug your Family!  Happy Family Day! “G”…I wonder what tomorrow will hold??


16 responses to “F is for Family

  1. we lived a charmed life as children. I wish all families were as ours was when we were young. Maybe, that wonderful childhood has allowed us to survive what life has brought to us. That’s, Fran, you are simply the best!

  2. What wonderful photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Oh, well, now I am so disappointed about the swimming costume one. Lovely post.

  4. ok, i DID think you would pick F for Fran, fran! but family is a very good substitute…it still contains some F for Fran! 🙂
    oh, i am envious that you can now scan. i have to take a photo of my photos (tomorrow will have some family photos) and it’s hard to avoid glare and blurry-ness!
    in all your photos, here, i am loving the glasses! love the styles!
    thanks for sharing about each photo – it’s so interesting to learn about people’s families!

  5. Totally won’t scare me away, I love old photos! The fashions (or lack thereof), the memories, the happy faces. And that last picture of you and your dad is too sweet!

  6. These photos are lovely, so cool that you can get them all scanned in now. I think your dad looks like he’s hiding a smile in that top picture and your Uncle Joe looks a lot of fun too.
    Lovely one of you and your parents as is the one with your dad 🙂
    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  7. Oh my goodness, I would spend hours going through old pictures at my grandma’s house. In fact, she actually gave me a couple already. I love the history, the stories, the traditions and the warmth of those pictures. Thank you for sharing yours!

  8. valerie andruss

    Yes! More old family photos!!

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