B is For Boxes and Books

Or probably more accurately for me the combo…Boxes OF Books.

Today’s post brought to you by the letter B and the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

Yes I like books, I like to read, blame my Mom!  With the exception of Home and Family the thing my Mother loved most in the world was Books and Reading.  My sister and I have inherited the Book Gene. I have a more serious case than Ele but only in the area of volume.

I have Books.  And Books.  And BOOKS!  It is an ongoing addiction from which I cannot extricate myself.

My husband and I are working on a move to New Mexico.  I thought I’d start with packing my books.  They filled a storage unit. I had to give up the storage unit and they now reside in an unused room of my sister’s second floor.  She’s kind to let me use it for the time being.  I should have taken a photo so that you could all appreciate the scope of this.

Moving and re-assembling those boxes of books allowed me (forced me) to review and edit my collection of books.  When I was in the process of moving the books from storage to Ele’s house I went through every box.  When I was finished, I had bags and bags of books.  I approximate 200 as the number of books I then took to Goodwill.  In hind sight, I should have taken them to our library because they accept used books which they then sell to help support the library.  I was in a hurry and Goodwill was the quickest option.  Sadly before the storage unit saga was over there was also water damage which forced me to actually throw away probably 50 books.  Broke my heart, I can tell you.

Now I’m about to face the task of reducing that monumental pile of probably 75 boxes again. (Please keep in mind, this amount does NOT include the books I still have at my own house.)  I’ll be having a yard sale in June and I figure, I can do some more trimming of my collection. I know I won’t get it to half but maybe I can cut it by a third.

Just to give you a clear picture of this in words not photos, in the past week, I’ve been to Goodwill 3 times.  Each time I’ve bought at least 3 books.  I restrained myself each time from buying more. I haven’t spent “real” money on any books in quite some time.  I have several Barnes & Noble gift cards from Christmas which I had planned to use on the purchase of a Nook (Yeah, I need that!) but I haven’t used them.  See…restraint.  I really am trying to cut back, restrain myself, get this under control.  I’m not sure if I can.

But in my defense, I joined another challenge this year.  Those of you familiar with Goodreads may also know of their Reading Challenge.  You’re really challenging yourself and this has really gotten me reading at a much for focused level and those of you who read BCDC on a regular basis know that I need focus! 🙂

2012 Reading Challenge

If you click on the logo at the right, you can see all of the books I’ve read so far this year.  I gave myself a goal of 25 for the year…Already I’ve read 21.  I’m pretty happy about that.

So the boxes of books haunt me…they are looming up behind me as I write this post.  I will get them under control at some point.  I promise.

I can’t help myself.

Happy Monday!   “C” you tomorrow!!



30 responses to “B is For Boxes and Books

  1. love the pin! books are the best!

  2. OMG, I totally understand! I am constantly reading 3-5 books at a time, and when we moved the items that take up the most number of boxes and space in our van are the books.

    I come by it honestly. My mother also hoarded books. When she died, we had a U-haul trailer full of books that we took to Half-Price Books to sell. To show how many, we walked away with a check for $350. If you have ever sold to Half-Price Books, that’s a pretty hefty check!

  3. oh, i am so excited to see your daily blog posts with the a-z challenge, fran!! it’s going to be fun to compare what we each choose for the daily letter of the alphabet.
    holy cow, that is an amazing amount of books you have collected!! it must be so tough to part with them/narrow down the accumulation – i feel for you!
    that is exciting about your move to new mexico – how wonderful!
    ok, good luck with the books, and please keep us updated!
    i love that last photo – very funny slogan on that pin!

  4. Woo this will be a great challenge to follow! I love to read so so much but that list pin is me too often too haha

  5. I do not mind the books in the attic at all. I don’t have to look at them! I have many books that I refuse to part with. Books are wonderful, if you can read you can go anywhere!

  6. Ha! I LOVE that pin about getting distracted by books. It’s REALLY hard for me to clean anything at home, because I keep getting distracted by all of my cool stuff. Happy challenge, my friend!

  7. Wow – you’ve read 21 book already this year – that’s impressive! I love reading too, although sometimes I do get distracted by other things. I like reading on the bus into work and before bed.

  8. Weighting For 50

    Hi Fran. LIke you, I have a hard time parting with some of my books, but sometimes, you just have to do it. and it’s something I’ll have to do again soon. HOpe you have a great week. Happy editing!!!

  9. lynn w. proctor

    haha you do love books don’t you—i love to read–but i may not be a true book lover because i go in spurts of reading—dozens of books for a couple of months, and then it’s over for some time—and unlike you i have no problem throwing any books out—now my husband—-you would love him!

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by! In my younger years I was not such an avid reader…just slow and steady. Now I realize that the tee shirt that says “So Many Books, So Little Time” is very true. Please visit again!

  10. LOL! Oh, I so sympathise! I live in a 400 yr old cottage. Only my study has walls high enough for my 8 foot bookcases (well, 2 of the walls) and they are full, and double full, as there are books behind the books. And then, there are the 10 other bookcases round the place. Literally thousands of books. Always, I am reading more than one – usually about 3 (unless one is unputdownable) and some factual ones as well. I dread the day when we have to move, and i have to downsize. They are beautiful, they are my friends, they have memories…

    • Welcome, Liz! Wow…400 year old cottage! I’m a big lover of old homes, they have such beauty that you don’t find in modern homes. Sounds like my kind of place! Believe me, it broke my heart to downsize them, but I must to be able to get to where I want to be. Please visit again!

  11. Visiting from the A to Z challenge; I love books too! Both my husband and I have our collections. In fact, one of our favorite outings is to the bookstore. I love the library as well, though. And even though I know the nook or the kindle are more practical…there is just something about holding a book in your hands and smelling the pages. 🙂

    • Hi Katy and welcome! So glad the A to Z brought you here! Ralph and I love to browse and nose around in book stores. Our county library has a huge book sale several times a year and our local library has an ongoing sale. I like the “idea” of the Nook and I think it can be useful, but it wouldn’t replace books for me…I have too many I haven’t read yet! Yikes! Please visit again!

  12. I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever bought any of your own old books back from Goodwill!

    • Zo!! I think that all the time!! If I ever see ones that I’ve read I kind of give them the once over to see if they were mine. I should put a tiny unobtrusive mark in the back cover or something so I can tell!

  13. Oh I can so relate to this–the distraction aspect particularly. I don’t actually keep most of the books I read as they come from my local library. I have a couple of book cases where I keep special ones. I enjoyed your post. I’m here via A-Z from “up on haliburton hill”.

    • Hi Joanna! So happy that A to Z brought you here! I’m big on “cheap” books. At our local Goodwill you can get them for 49 cents for paperback, 99 cents for hard back. When I was in Florida earlier in the year, I found a thrift store that had them for 35 cents…A Real Deal!

  14. I love the pin at the bottom, too! When I was little, I used to inherit boxes of books all the time from people when they (or their kids) outgrew them. I also bought tons of my own, but lately I have been trying to borrow as much as I can from the library first and then only buy the ones I really want for my collection.

    I’m doing books (mainly from my childhood) for A to Z, so stop by if you get a chance!

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