A is for April and Arrival

Never let it be said that I’m not up for a challenge.  Probably 2 months ago I heard about the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.  Planned for April 2012 I thought it might be fun to join in.  When did I sign up?…March 31 of course.  I do tend to leave things to the last-minute sometimes. You can read all about it at the link above and if you read this today, April 1, you can still sign up and join in.  We are to blog with a theme based on the daily letter of the alphabet.  Today is the only Sunday we are required to blog so I guess the other Sundays I’ll be on my own.  I think I’m up for it. I’m joining in and here goes!

A is for April so that’s not hard.  April is the month when we really see all the beauty of nature start to appear.  Of course with our warm winter, we’ve been seeing it a lot in March, but I don’t think anyone is complaining.   April showers bring May flowers and all that.  April is also the month of my sweet Ralph’s birthday and this is a special one, so I think we’ll do a lot of celebrating,

But A is also for Arrival.  In January, we were blessed with a new addition to the family.  Beautiful little Colette Mary was born on January 16.  Fun fact, her Mom and Dad Heather and Brian, newly engaged at the time made an appearance in the very first post on Broken Cookies Don’t Count in December of 2010.  Since I realized I never got a picture of them yesterday because after all Colette was the focus, here’s their first appearance photo again.

They’re just as adorable today, but now we have this little charmer added to the mix.

Great closeup with Uncle Ralph.

Of course I got to hold her and introduce her to her new friend that Uncle Ralph picked out at Build A Bear.  I think her name should be Zee.

Zee needs her closeup too!  Love the tee-shirt with the zebra on it!

Fascinated by Uncle Ralph…well I find him fascinating too!

Of course since we were at my sister Ele’s house there was food!!

Ele made yummy quesadillas.  Mine had black beans, corn, onions, sweet red peppers and cheese!  So tasty and I was good, I only ate one because…

I knew there were brownies to be had, cancelled out by the yummy fruit that Heather brought.  I controlled myself and I was proud!

Almost as proud as I am of this little gift from Heaven…

Poor little thing couldn’t get a moments rest.  I think the next photo of Colette is my favorite…

It looks like she’s auditioning for a Zombie movie!  Oh, wait…we’re only on the letter A.  Zombies will have to wait for the end of the month.

Hope you enjoyed my first installment of Blogging From A to Z and meeting our wonderful, adorable first arrival for the year, Colette.  We actually have another arrival who came to brighten our lives in February, but we haven’t met him yet.  We’ll have to wait for me to come up with another word for him or until we get to the letter T.

I must confess…We actually got COLETTE at Build A Bear, Too!!

😉 Happy April Fool’s Day!!




14 responses to “A is for April and Arrival

  1. Colette is beautiful! And is it really April Fool’s Day? I had no idea. 🙂 Until now!

    Hope you are having a good weekend so far!

  2. oh, what wonderful baby pictures! doesn’t it just fill your heart to cuddle a little one!
    that is neat that you are doing the blogging a-z challenge! me too! and i just signed up yesterday, too – haha! (my “a” post will be up later this eve – had to get in my april fool’s joke fun this morning).
    have a great sunday, fran!

  3. Hello from a fellow A to Z blogger! I really liked the title of your blog so I decided to hop on over and read your first post. Bravo! This is my first A to Z challenge, I also liked how you integrated pictures in your post and will be doing that down the line. My first post was A is For Advice; Are You Following Your Own? Feel free to leave a piece of wisdom over in the comments section if you’d like even if it is that broken cookies don’t count! http://thejaclynofalltrades.blogspot.com/2012/04/is-for-advice-are-you-following-your.html All the best, Jaclyn

    • Thanks, Jaclyn! My first A to Z challenge as well. I think it’s a great idea. I always do photos, so I found it hard to not do them during the challenge. I’ll check your blog and thanks for visiting!

  4. Those are some adorable pictures!! Hope you have fun on the A-to-Z challenge, I know I’m having fun so far.


  5. Adorable pictures 🙂

  6. Oh, what a sweet, beautiful baby girl! I think she looks like she got caught dancing in that last one. My daughter would love that pink zebra; I’ll have to see if they still have those. Congratulations and welcome to the little one!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  7. What a fun blogging challenge! Fran, you have such an adorable family!

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