Recap Head Slap

The last few days have been strange.  Good things happening, sad things happening. Ralph and I were able to work out a few things that have been frustrating us, find a few things that were lost and have a few ideas of upcoming plans.  All very vague isn’t it.  I’m feeling a touch vague so we’ll all just have to live with it.

We had to go to a viewing Monday morning which was the sad thing.  Not much you can do but show up and give hugs.  We did that.  It can be very emotional, I always seem to put myself in the position of the person who’s lost someone.  Ralph does it, too.  You feel turned inside out.  Of course, it’s even worse for the person actually experiencing it.  I’ve been that person, I suppose we all have at some point.  It leaves you feeling lost.  Not much more I can say about that.

I forgot to share something wonderful that we saw at the Dr. Who party on Saturday.  This is for all of my quilt loving friends.

We were at the Narberth borough hall.  There is a wonderful quilt that hangs there commemorating the town’s 100th anniversary.

Close up…

I thought this was so amazing.  It’s hard to see, but it depicts the four seasons.  I stood staring at it for a long time, it was outstanding!

Apparently the photo issues I was having yesterday were only from my perspective.  Spoke to Ele and she said she had no trouble with the photos.  When I checked them this morning, they look fine on yesterday’s post.  I guess it’s just when I first add them to the post.  For Goodness Sakes!  Will I never get this whole blog/computer/Wordpress thing figured out?!?  I’ll keep trying!

I always start out each day with big list of all that I’m going to accomplish.  I’ve got one of those lists today.  I’m hoping to at least accomplish one or two.  First on the list…Post on BCDC…Check!!

Happy Tuesday!!


8 responses to “Recap Head Slap

  1. So sorry to hear about the viewing Fran. That is a tough position to be in.
    I think we all have those vague days…

  2. Your blog posts are perfect! Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you!And as for giving hugs, well, you are the best at that ,too! (sorry, too biased?)

  3. Hey, that’s the IMPORTANT item off the to-do list! And what a quilt! I made a super-simple square one once, and I know what a ridiculous amount of work that was–I can only imagine doing something so detailed!

    • My niece does wonderful quilts also, Allie. That’s why I usually post them when I find them so that she can see them. I am so amazed, especially when I watch Antiques Roadshow and I see the ones that are over a hundred years old. They’re amazing and they last!

  4. Sorry to hear about the viewing Fran, that’s not nice to have to do… sending virtual hugs 🙂
    Glad to hear you’ve had more positive happenings too, however vague!

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