Spring Meadows

Ralph, Ele and I had to make a trip to our doctor’s office in Laurel Springs on Thursday.  That all worked out very well. 

When we’re in that area, we’re hard pressed to miss an opportunity to go to The Meadows Diner in Blackwood.  It’s become one of our favorite dining spots.  We should probably go there on other occasions, not just when we’re in the area. 

I tend to be such a creature of habit when I go to certain restaurants.  I always seem to order the same thing.  At the Meadows, I usually order the Athenia Burger which is Greek Salad accompanied by a veggie burger.  I changed things up, somewhat on this visit.

I started with their split pea soup.

I was very happy when I asked our server, Jay (who was wonderful by the way) if it was made with ham and she said it was not.  It came with a few too many croutons but I didn’t eat them all.  The soup however was very tasty.  I could have ordered a bowl of it and just eaten that.

I also got a Greek Salad.  A little different from my usual order. 😉

Dressing on the side…

Complete with stuffed grape leaves which I love.  They taste minty!

It was really tasty and satisfying.  Since I ate this fairly late in the day, I didn’t need any dinner.  Very good choice.  I need to remember to go on Thursday to get the split pea soup.

A visit to the doctor is not always something to be hoped for, but when it’s followed by a visit to The Meadows Diner…it’s almost worth it.  We were all feeling better after lunch.

Not sure how Weight Watchers will treat me this morning, but I’m being optimistic.

Happy Saturday!!

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4 responses to “Spring Meadows

  1. It was my second time there and I was not disappointed! Had I felt better I would have snatched a piece of feta!

  2. I would never be able to resist those croutons! Yum…Diner food is definitely the best!

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