Signs Of Spring

Sunday was sort of a lazy day, not too much going on.  I started my day on my exercise bike.  I’m beginning to think I like to do that before I start to work on the computer.  Can’t decide which is better.  If I get on the bike first, I get my blood flowing and my brain works better.  I get to start the day with reading…Always a good thing!  I also get a good chunk of my water in.  When I do the bike I drink a 32 oz. bottle of water.  I’m half way through my water for the day, so it makes sense!  I’m starting with the computer today, so I’ll try to decide which is better.

I fixed a nice ( for us) breakfast for Ralph and Me.  Egg sandwiches.  He’s always happy with them and so am I!

Two eggs each, cooked up in just cooking spray, salt and pepper.  Ralph’s was plain, but mine was topped with shredded cheese.

So tasty.  I like making the sandwiches on the sandwich rounds.  Ralph even likes him and he’s usually a straight white toast kind of guy.  This is a 7 point breakfast which was very filling.  Love it!

Dinner consisted of our leftovers from our diner trip on Saturday.  I’ve been thinking about the eggplant parmesan and the fact that diners always seem to bread and deep fry the eggplant.  I’m formulating a lighter version.  I’ll share it when I get it right! 😉

I was so excited to see some colorful signs of spring in the back yard!

The crocuses are so pretty!  These have been in the yard for Many years.  My Grandmother planted them.  It makes me smile and think of her each spring when they show their faces.

It’s Monday now and I’m not sure what the day will hold, but I know I’ll be reading more of The Night Circus.  I Am Loving It!!!

Happy Monday!


8 responses to “Signs Of Spring

  1. Yaya! Spring is in the air. Also, G and I jazz up our breakfast sandwiches by adding salsa (and when it is fresh basil) and a laughing cow wedge!

  2. I need to throw some wildflower seeds up in my hill, I love all the colors of spring. Happy reading.

    • Marie, those mixes of flower seeds that you can buy would be great. I keep thinking about doing that when we get to NM, but I’m not sure Ralph would like the idea. Guess we have to get there first, right!

  3. Mmm – that egg sandwich looks great! I’m loving the signs of spring around at the moment – it lifts my heart so much 🙂

  4. Daffodils and crocuses are going crazy around here–I love the early spring flowers! There’s finally hope that winter’s ending, haha.

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