Hunger Games Withdrawal

Sorry for the lack of a real post yesterday, everyone.  I was where I needed to be which was with my sister, Ele.  Everything is good, but we spent most of our day at the emergency room.  It was frightening and upsetting, but she’s doing well. 

The other piece of good news is that after visiting Weight Watchers today, I’ve lost a half pound.  I’m happy with that and ready to get back in the game, doing the right things.  Thanks to everyone for their support when I start obsessing about a pound or two gain.  It just frustrates me and I appreciate the opportunity to vent. 😉

Now, since I have no food to show you from yesterday, on to the other most important thing…Books!!

I finally finished Mockingjay!

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3)

I’ve heard various bloggers and some people on Goodreads comment that they were not happy with the final book in the trilogy.  I liked it.  There were a lot of loose ends to be tied up and a nation to save.  It wasn’t an easy job.  I think Suzanne Collins did a good job of bringing the story to a conclusion.  I like the ending with one exception.  Those of you who have already read the book, probably know what that exception is.  I very much enjoyed it.

I’ve moved on to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

The Night Circus

I’m not too far into yet due to yesterday’s circumstances, but so far it is very intriguing.  I’m hoping to do a lot of reading today and get further into the story.  So far I do enjoy her style of writing.  I have high hopes for this book as I was told I would by several friends.

It’s rainy, cold and dreary here in New Jersey today and I’m really tired of it.  Tell me again why I’m not in New Mexico yet? 

Happy Saturday!!


8 responses to “Hunger Games Withdrawal

  1. I wish you could be where you want to be but I sure am glad you were here this week! As for WW…you are the poster girl for what they can do for anyone who is not at the weight they would like to be or just wants to live a healthier life. You are so encouraging to your firends a WW buddies. Too bad you aren’t still a leader!

  2. Wow. Glad to hear things went okay. Hunger Games intrigues me a lot more than Twilight does, so I do plan to get to it one day (of course, I went to a used bookstore today and managed to add another 6 books to my “pile”)

  3. I just started book 2 of The Hunger Games, having stayed up till midnight reading the first one last night 🙂 So addictive!!

  4. I did like Mockingjay – I guess I was just disappointed that it ended! I did like the ending actually, but I guess I might be a pragmatist.

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