Wish You Happiness…

After talking about my weight gain 2 weeks in a row and knowing what my mistakes were in the past week,  I was feeling strong.  Then I remembered that we’re going out to dinner next Friday night and I’ll be worrying all over again about my Saturday morning results at Weight Watchers.  Well I will need to be diligent this week to turn this thing around.  I know that I can.

To turn the whole idea around, what did we do on Saturday afternoon, but go to lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Late afternoon, Ralph said we should go to lunch.  Since he always suggests Chinese in the middle of the week and I have to say “no”  I decided I would suggest it.  It was Saturday and I have all week to work miracles! 😉  We nagged my sister, Ele to come along and we all headed out.

We decided on The China House in Woodbury.  One of the reasons we like this restaurant is for their lunch offerings.  $5.50 for what I ate.

You get your choice of either soup or egg roll.  I picked egg drop soup.

I wish that they offered vegetarian hot and sour soup like another local restaurant, but unfortunately they don’t.

I got the Veggie Delight!  The lunch special usually comes with pork fried rice but I requested it with brown rice and they accommodated me.  This was really delicious and just the right serving size.  Not too much.

Fortune cookies of course!  Funny thing,..Ralph and I got the same fortune!  Pretty cool!

Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, the Ritz Pastry Shoppe is in the same shopping center.  We love it there and they have the best baked goods around in my opinion. Ralph bought these little lovelies which I consumed.

A tiny eclair and a tiny creme puff.  Should I have eaten them? No. And I probably shouldn’t eat the pie crust pastry that’s waiting for me in the kitchen.  But, you can’t pass up everything all the time. 

This doesn’t really sound like someone who is working hard to do well.  I’m being open and honest about it.  I ate it (and I’m going to eat it) and I’m facing up to it and counting it into my Points. 

I plan to be very good all day and use my Points allowance for the goodies.  That’s the great part about the Weight Watchers program.  You CAN work in special treats when you want them.

Remember what I said yesterday…


That’s my new motto.

Happy Sunday!

:  I’m having some kind of problem with WordPress that it will not allow me to add links.  It did it the first time I tried in this post and then it wouldn’t work.  I’ve e-mailed them, but have not heard back any solutions.  If anyone knows what I can do to fix this, I would be most grateful!  Thanks!


4 responses to “Wish You Happiness…

  1. I think if your adding it into your points and if your consciously aware of what your doing then you should enjoy it! Love your motto!

  2. I love egg drop soup! I would happily get quarts of it and just have it every day (funny…typing that reminded me I wanted to hard boil some eggs..better do that now).
    It sounds like you are building good strategies for your treats (and that is a nice thing about WW now…). Those look like good ways to have spent your points by the way.

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