Oh, My Aching Head

For no reason I can think of, on Thursday I had a headache that just wouldn’t go away.  It nagged me all day and into the evening.  I thought some fresh air might help.

I decided that I needed to get some grocery shopping done and I got some good deals at Aldi.  Now of course, this is for Ralph, but I got a small roast complete with potatoes, and all the veggies ready to put into the crock pot for only $7.99.  All packaged neatly together, so I don’t really have to touch it.  He’ll get at least 2 meals out of it, so that’s great.

I also got some pre cooked chicken strips-southwestern flavored that I’ll have to make quesadillas this week.  I’m looking forward to breaking out my Goodwill find (well, actually it was Gail’s find, she already had one and got it for me!) a quesadilla maker for $4.99, I think, brand new in the box!  I haven’t gotten around to using it yet but I hope to in the coming week.  I also got some of the country ribs that he enjoyed so much on Super Bowl Sunday.  This guy is set!

Now as for me, as the day progressed, I realized that due to the headache, I wasn’t even hungry.  Lunch was simple, just to have something on my stomach so that I could take more ibuprofen.

Multigrain rice cakes with peanut butter.  I find these to be very satisfying especially when I’m not feeling too well.  I had to make an extra stop at Shoprite to get the rice cakes.  In New Jersey, Aldi doesn’t carry large rice cakes.  They do in Florida.  I finally took the time to ask someone yesterday.  The lady said that different areas pull their stock from different warehouses.  Based on the popularity of a product they either carry it or they don’t.  They also didn’t have frozen corn which annoyed me, but oh well.  I’d already made some great purchases there so I didn’t have far to drive to make the other purchases.

Dinner was very simple because I suddenly became very hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.

MorningStar Garden Veggie Burgers on plain white toast with a slice of American cheese and reduced calorie mayo.  It was tastier than it looks and it did the trick for me at the time.

I’ve been trying to get Ralph into eating healthier after dinner snacks.  I made him a bowl of lemon Jello and fresh strawberries.  I added things to mine that he wouldn’t have wanted, some of my crock pot apples and fat-free vanilla yogurt.

It was very good and filling.  Ralph is really getting into this as a snack.  I checked with him which flavors of Jello he likes, so I’ll be making more. The strawberries, which I got at the produce market have been really tasty and a good deal at $1,25 a package.  I need to get more!

So that was Thursday.  Not exciting, but then every day can’t be a thrill!  I have no idea how I’ll do at Weight Watchers this week, I’ve felt very off track.  I’m thinking of opting out of the weigh in this week, which I can do as a Lifetime member.  However sometimes, if I think I haven’t had a good week it’s better to just weigh in and know how I’ve done.  It will usually set me up for a better week to come.  We’ll see how it goes! 

It’s very dreary out and I don’t know what the day will hold.  At least I don’t have a headache!

Happy Friday!!


2 responses to “Oh, My Aching Head

  1. Headaches are the worst, I would rather have the flu. I don’t often get them but when I do they hit me hard and I just can’t think. I pop 2 Aleve though and it clears right up. We’ve had a few rainy dreary days here too but I totally love and appreciate the rain, we don’t get it often.

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