It wasn’t a day that started or ended with much pizzazz but the middle earned the title, Pizzazz!

I woke up at about 2:30 Wednesday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and started working on BCDC.  Around 5:30 I started to get really droopy and went back to bed.  I had to be up again for a dentist’s appointment so I had to set my alarm which is so unusual anymore.  I woke up before it went off and I got up feeling sort of foggy in my head.

After my teeth cleaning (I got a good report!) Ralph and I had planned on running a few errands down to the area where he used to live (His house still lives there, he lives here!)  Since one of the offices we had to visit was closed for lunch, we thought we’d look for some lunch ourselves.

What we found…and we’re really glad we did…was Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz in Franklinville.  It doesn’t look very out of the ordinary from the outside and it looks pretty standard from the inside, but we were in for a big surprise. 

I went in thinking I would get some type of salad.  I was almost persuaded by the pizzas sitting there.  They had wonderful looking veggie pizzas as well as what looked liked pastries but they were some kind of pizza type thing.  I didn’t ask what they were, but from the menu I think they may have been their “pizza rolls.”

Ralph and I both settled on their LoCarb Wraps.  He had a sausage and pepper.  I ordered a hot veggie wich included broccoli, sweet peppers, mushrooms, fried onions and provolone cheese.  We had the choice of white, wheat, spinach or tomato wrap.  I had the spinach wrap.

This was a case where too much natural light made it difficult to get a good photo.  The wrap doesn’t look very green, but it was.  Let me tell you, this was delicious.  Hot and gooey and very messy but so tasty. There must have been garlic in there too.   I ended up eating the second half with a fork and knife.  It was just delicious.

Another thing we noticed was how clean the restaurant was.  It’s hard to explain how it stood out from other pizza restaurants, but it did.  Our server was very pleasant and spoke with us for quite a while as we told her how impressed we were with everything. 

Danny’s Pizza Pizzaz is a bit of a drive for us, but since we have to go to that area every few months, we’re pretty sure we’ll be visiting again.

This filled me up so much that the following photos show you my dinner for the evening…

An orange and popcorn was all I needed later in the evening. 

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning that I almost missed.  So strange how a sunrise or sunset can change in a matter of seconds.  From the time I saw it out of the kitchen window, until I walked to my camera and out the door, it lessened in intensity.  I still got some pretty shots anyway.

Gnarly Tree says Happy Thursday!!

Danny's Pizza Pizzazz on Urbanspoon


16 responses to “Pizzazz

  1. I took one look at that wrap and thought…that looks really good. But messy! That’s always a problem I have when I order wraps…I always forget the mess factor.

  2. good posts and I love your pictures

  3. Beautiful shot of the sky! Love that vibrant red. 🙂

  4. That wrap looks delicious 🙂 Your photos look so pretty as well!

  5. I love the Gnarly Tree!
    I love the word “pizzazz” too and that wrap definitely looks like it’s got it – I’m not a big fan of pizza so I’d have been very happy to have one of those instead 🙂

    • Hi Eleanor! Glad you like my old friend, Gnarly Tree! The wrap was delicious. I wanted you to know that I’ve had a problem trying to comment on your blog. It sounds weird, but I can’t get a cursor to come up in the comment box. I’ve tried on different posts and I have the same problem each time. It’s been probably a week or so, which is why I haven’t commented. Don’t know if it’s my side or yours. I think it’s WordPress just being weird. I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you, just can’t comment. Take care!

  6. I always eat wraps with a knife and a fork! Another beautiful sky photo, Fran…

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