Frozen Solid Sunday

I knew I was in for a cold day when I logged on to my computer and it told me that the local temperature was 21 degrees!  I felt only slightly better when I spoke with my friend Gail later in the morning.   She’s near Clearwater, Florida and told me it was 34 degrees there!  Regardless, I was cold and stayed that way for most of Sunday.  I dug out a really heavy denim coat that Ralph had bought me many years ago during a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Now that’s a cold place when it wants to be!  The coat worked.  I actually forgot I had it and I’d forgotten how warm it is.  Glad I rediscovered it.

I made a quick trip to the produce market.  We were scheduled to go to dinner at my sister Ele’s house and of course, the vegetarian always gets asked to bring the salad.  I’m always glad to oblige!

A nice big one. I’ll be the lucky recipient of the leftovers so that will be a step toward a good food week for me.

Ralph decided he was hungry for lunch so we headed to Picasso’s for a quick sandwich.  I’m nothing if not predictable…

The best ever pepper and egg sandwich!  Again, they have the best rolls around!

Dinner started with some of my wonderful (if I do say so myself!) salad.  I usually try to eat it first so that I’m not so crazy to eat everything else.  I can always have seconds on the salad although I didn’t for a change.

Baked stuffed shells and Ele’s spiced up biscuits from a tube, not that she couldn’t make her own, but these are so good and so easy I’m glad she saves herself the effort of making them from scratch.

I’m proud of myself because this was my only helping of either.  Ele even sent me home with the nutritional info for each of these so I could figure my Points…she’s a great support with my Weight Watchers efforts! 🙂

Dessert was tea and banana bars.  After dinner we played a game into the wee hours…11 pm, and I must confess I had a second piece. Ele makes Good banana bars!  We had a really nice evening!

My computer tells me that today’s temperature is 25 decrees at the moment, I guess that’s an improvement.  I have some errands to run today so that’s good news.  I just feel the cold so much anymore.  No Wonder I want to be in New Mexico!  I’m off to greet the day!!

Happy Monday!!


6 responses to “Frozen Solid Sunday

  1. I always get asked to bring the salad too. Yesterday morning I was up bright and early grinding wheat and making rolls, I made a semi-homemade Thanksgiving dinner. Just a Turkey breast, green beans, homemade rolls, homemade cranberry sauce and boxed stuffing, mashed potatoes and a gravy mix. It was so good. I do so many vegetarian meals that I wanted to do a really nice Sunday dinner for Glenn. That should hold him for a few weeks.

    • Marie, that sounds great. We usually end up with a free turkey at Thanksgiviing from buying a certain amount from the grocery store. I didn’t get that this year because I’ve been cutting back on shopping. Ralph would always love it this time of year when I’d turn out a Thanksgiving like dinner for him. I may have to look for a small turkey to do that for him. He would be set forever with food and then he’d get turkey soup in the end! I need to do that. Hope Glenn enjoyed his!

  2. It sounds like a good party! I always find it hard to resist food at parties, so you did well. The banana bar looks delicious 🙂
    Keep warm!

  3. Oh banana bars! Yum…I usually offer/get asked to make or bring dessert. I love making chocolate chip bars!

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